A few things


1. when you drop your bags on the front mat inside your door after a long weekend on the road, it’s the best feeling.

2. the devastation in oklahoma is heart wrenching.

3. even when you don’t have a 9-5 job the days go by really quickly – i can’t understand what happened to may.

4. i’m running a half-marathon on sunday and i feel totally unprepared.

5. i wrote this post for iRUN and i’m really proud of it.

6. it took me two years of blogging to figure out what bloglovin‘ is…. which is pretty sad if you’re a blogger, non?

7. we haven’t cleaned our pool out yet for the season and birds are using it as a bathtub. I kinda like it.

8. i thought i killed my aloe vera plant but i think i’ve nursed it back to life.

9. i love this song.

10. i used to be so much braver on a swing.



Lately I’ve been thinking

That there’s too many things in my house. Spring cleaning is in order.

That there’s nothing better then shedding your heavy winter coat for a wool sweater.

That when your nose runs from the cold in the march air you can feel like a kid again (like when you were waiting for the school bus or playing outside after dinner in the twilight.)

That the times that seem the most arduous and difficult in your life are the times you look back on most fondly.

That sunlight until 7:30 pm is a blessing.

That if spring won’t come to me, I’ll go to spring:


Take Me Here

The Moors:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA moors2 moors3 moors4moors6

i hate spring. here in ontario, spring is non-existant most years… in the past few years it seems like it will just get hot suddenly – and we’re forced to wear summerish clothing when there’s still snow on the ground. it’s really disconcerting.

spring is the season that’s supposed to ease you into summer… so when you don’t get that long drawn out thaw that wakes you up from winter, you find yourself discombobulated by the end of may wondering “where did march and april go?”

either way it’s a non issue because it’s only the beginning of february (and neither spring NOR summer is around the corner), but for some reason this morning i found myself craving this type of landscape…


that’s right. you heard me. i’m not thinking of the sunny beaches of the south, but rather the rough, scragly harsh looking moors of england.

in my opinion, the moors scream springtime. so maybe i’m craving a bit of grass… even if is is thin and the ground’s bare underneath it.

i think i’m craving spring.

I Know, Right?

Below is a list of things that make me say: I know, right?
It sounds confusing but I’m pretty sure you’ll agree with me.

I love cheese and wine. I know they make magnets on the subject (my mom might have one on her fridge) and all, but I still maintain that there isn’t much in the world that is better then some good wine, cheese and bread. I would take it to a desert island with me. It would be a really classy island. You could come with me and we could chat and it would be lovely.

Lululemon is totally overpriced. It’s it ridiculous how much we pay for jogging pants these days. I think my grandmother is rolling in her grave.

I have way too many cloth shopping bags: I think the movement to rid the world of plastic bags (the scourge of society) is amazing. But truly, every time I go to the grocery store and I forget the bag, and I buy another. I feel inclined because now I actually feel guilty buying plastic. This is good. The result however is that I have so many cloth shopping bags and they are completely monopolizing my coat rack at the back door.

People who use do not use public transportation to commute have no idea what the rest of us [who do] go through. This means I don’t give a crap what traffic was like this morning, or how bad the roads were… this is because I’m crusty because someone coughed in my face when I was trying to steady myself with one hand and keep my purse from touching the salt and mud stained floor with the other.

I don’t get why people were so worked up when Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher split. She was 10x too fabulous to be with a guy who’s main credits were “Punked” and “Dude, Where’s My Car.”

They have done so many series of American Idol but I feel like there are only two winners who went anywhere with it. The rest of them I can’t name. I’m sure they were super happy to win though… so that’s good at least.

They really really need to do an Arrested Development movie. It was too well written to end there.

I can do without a Calender for the first week of January. There is no point buying it when I know the is 40% off sale is imminent.

The first few times you wear a new hoodie with fleece lining, it’s the best thing ever. The fleece has that perfect softness. I wish I never had to wash a new hoodie so that soft fuzzy feeling never went away.

Waking up on Saturday and realizing it’s Saturday is the best thing ever. Sometimes when I wake up on the weekend I forget in the first moments of opening my eyes, that I don’t have to jump out of bed. Even if I still get up, it is just so nice to relish in the fact that it’s Saturday… and I’m on my own time, not office time.

There are so many people on the internet who could just go on and on about their cats. It’s kinda scary…. (Sometimes when my cat looks at me in a certain way, I completely think she’s judging me. Don’t worry, you’re not excluded from the judgment. She’s raising her whisker eyebrows as we speak and there’s judgment written all over that feline face. )

I know, right?!