A few things


1. when you drop your bags on the front mat inside your door after a long weekend on the road, it’s the best feeling.

2. the devastation in oklahoma is heart wrenching.

3. even when you don’t have a 9-5 job the days go by really quickly – i can’t understand what happened to may.

4. i’m running a half-marathon on sunday and i feel totally unprepared.

5. i wrote this post for iRUN and i’m really proud of it.

6. it took me two years of blogging to figure out what bloglovin‘ is…. which is pretty sad if you’re a blogger, non?

7. we haven’t cleaned our pool out yet for the season and birds are using it as a bathtub. I kinda like it.

8. i thought i killed my aloe vera plant but i think i’ve nursed it back to life.

9. i love this song.

10. i used to be so much braver on a swing.