Many Different Songs

Blogroll Folks:

1.Red Pants and Mustache: Sweden, Coffee, mustaches and lessons about life in between. He’s a great friend and a superb writer and I highly suggest you check it out!

2.Stride and Joy: An Aussie in Boston learns to run.. and tries not to fall down.

3. 17 and Baking: This kid adult is amazing. If you like baking and being inspired it’s worth a visit.

4. A Sonoma Garden: You get to see what it’s like to live in paradise.. otherwise known as the Sonoma Valley.

5. Sew Liberated: Inspiration!

6. Anne Mchale Photography: She’s an amazing photographer who also just happens to be a med-student.

7. Truth and Cake: Go and get some!

8. Lost and Fawned: I can never resist a good pun.

9. Great Smitten Well written, well said.


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