The busy person


i came home to the most beautiful gift basket of goodies yesterday; some delicious smelling candles from mike’s sister-in-law and brother. talk about lovely family!

and today: give a job to a busy person and they’ll get it done. that’s how the saying goes right? usually that’s the case with me – the busier i am, the more efficient i become.

but it’s a whole different story when things get pushed aside and then the day comes when i have to confront them and get down to business. while i was basically “offline” all last week, i came back to a huge pile on my desk (aka my kitchen table) and i have not one clue where i should start.

and if i haven’t said it before, can i say it again: despite not having a 9-5 for the first time in my life, i can’t believe how busy i am with a million different little projects.


so i did what any rational person blogger would do.

i spent the morning tinkering with my new site and then i made an avocado salad (and of course took pictures of it.) k to be fair i did manage to apply for a job and rescue the cat which escaped not once, but two times through the open screen door.

but seriously, things have really gotten away from me and consequently it’s a really sad state of affairs over here – i haven’t even put a garden in yet (!!)… which if you are a long time reader you can imagine it’s just eating me up inside. Remember my garden last year? It was basically my life’s purpose, and essential bragging rights for about three months.

there’s also the laundry list of stuff to do around the house (including the laundry), and about 15 papers of administrative tasks sitting on my real desk in the basement (so i don’t have to look at it everyday, again skirting responsibility!)

so this post is about channelling some motivation and a starting point. i think i’ll make a priorities list. and then a to do list – #1. on that list will be, “see priorities list.”




but on another note – it’s been super nice to be home. yesterday evening when mike got home from work we went on a nice little hike and i could kind of feel myself relaxing a bit. cliff is hilarious – he’ll swim if another dog is with him, but he completely chickens out if he’s by himself. we’ll throw a stick into the water and he’ll stretch as far as he can, leaving his back legs on shore, and then reach as far as he can to grab the stick. if it’s out of reach he starts to whimper. some labrador “retriever”!!

and now… productivity!


first impressions

a little story about how mike and i met.

unbeknownst to each other, we were in the same graduate program from the start. It was the same program except not really. he’s an anglophone but mike was in the french stream of the school, and he had started a year before me.

considering these things, there was really no way our paths would cross given the circumstances.

a friend of mine convinced me to take an elective she had signed up for. it wasn’t even within our program. i went along not really knowing what to expect but happy to fill up my schedule so i could graduate in time.

he kept mostly to himself, unlike me, i make small talk with strangers.

which sounds about right because i remember him as a bit stand-offish and aloof.

so then he says i was a social butterfly. which is code for, he thought i might have been a bit snobby.

the first time we exchanged words it was to switch presentation dates. he had the first time slot, i had the last.

he likes to put things off, i like to get them done right away.

as they say, potato/potato.

so it was a chance meeting. but aren’t all meetings chance after all?

the rest is history.

ah yes. first impressions are the best.

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