Around the house and city (Toronto Edition)

one of the last posts before i make the switch over to the new site.

can’t wait!


Dog in a car

This past weekend we were on the road (again). And (again) we left Cliff at my parents place (thanks mom and dad I think that’s the last weekend for awhile!!).

Just so you know, cliff is a bit of a terror – in case I hadn’t already made that obvious to you… For example, I now have in my possession one iPhone video-worthy of america’s funniest home videos – of C-dog pushing my 5 year old nephew into a creek. (I’m gonna find a way to upload it because you really just have to see it to believe it). At any rate the point of telling you all of this is to let you know that whilst cliff may not have bedside manners when playing with children, he is an excellent traveller. I guess it’s not too strange for a dog to love the car, but I take my moments of pride where I can get them!






On the way back home we had some extra passengers and extra cargo (about 12 Rubbermaid containers full of baby supplies) which we were transporting from one family member to another. We all managed to squeeze in to a borrowed dodge caravan that basically rides like a space craft.
Long car rides, road trips with friends and dogs will always hold a special place in my heart ❤


Road Trip

We’re off on a road trip this weekend to see two wonderful friends from grad school tie the knot! The suits and dresses are packed and we are ready to dance. Cliff respectfully declined the invitation in lieu of spending time with my parents and sister’s family 🙂

Have a great long weekend!


A rainy day for a yard sale

Can you say it’s ironic if you have about 10 solid days of beautiful weather and then on the 11th day – the day you have plans to hold a yard sale – it rains and drops about 20 degrees in temperature?


that’s what happened to us this past weekend.

i spent the morning huddled in the car because mike was relentless and would not close up shop. i think after we factored in the morning coffee & the mcmuffins we came away with about 40 dollars in profit. not too shabby for about  hours of work :p

i consider the one success of the sale to be the fact that we got rid of the vacuum we tried to sell last year but couldn’t. see how persistence and holding on to things in your garage can pay off?!


I think some people are just the sort of people who hold on to things. we’re those sort of people. it’s a fact that i still have papers and work books from public school, the first CD i ever owned (although i no longer own a CD player) and sundresses which i’m certain will come back in style one day (… lord jesus I’m already starting to sound like my mother) mike isn’t much better at picking and choosing so i’m in good company.

and then there’s all these studies that say the less stuff you have, the better it is on your mind – your well being.

so every so often i’ll do a bit of a purge.

and don’t you know, the minute i’ve discarded or donated that old pile of christmas cards or the extra canning jars (or any other random collection of objects!) i find a direct need for them? something comes up and someone says, “OH but couldn’t I just USE 40 old Christmas cards for this craft I’m doing.”

and I say “oh for crying out loud.”

sometimes life plays these funny little ironic jokes on us. rain when there should be sun. a need for something you’ve just gotten rid of.

i guess that’s why they say that god must have a sense of humour.

Around the house and city












^ everything is in bloom in downtown ottawa. it smells like flowers.

^^ on my running route. it didn’t even up raining.

^^^ finally set up record player. jackson browne was the first record i listened to.

^^^^ i told him no soccer ball in the house and this is what he does.

^^^^^ nothing better then a spring night – windows open, candles lit.

^^^^^^ Lord Elgin’s patio is open for the season.

^^^^^^^ a striped selfie for good measure.

^^^^^^^^ mike is a on a quest to perfect the bocconcini stuffed hot pepper.

^^^^^^^^^ homemade italian sandwich bliss.

^^^^^^^^^^ we made a pizza.

^^^^^^^^^^^ i’m taking may to revisit the old children’s faves. first up, the phoenix and the carpet.

 ^^^^^^^^^^^^ he ate cat poop and then asked for forgiveness.

Have a great weekend! p.s. I’m on INSTAGRAM. (who isn’t 😉

family portrait


i’ve heard people cite a statistic wherein if you get a dog, within two years there’s a huge possibility you’ll have a baby. apparently the frequency within which this happens is extremely high.

my concern is, what if mike holds the baby like this? ^^^

baby steps.

also, if you’re wondering about the bale of hay; it was on my front porch all winter long (since my fall “display”). I moved it to the back yard a few weeks ago when Clifford started digging holes in my garden. i’m not sure but i’m fairly positive he ate a tulip bulb and then threw it up.





choose your own adventure

the renovations continued over the weekend and i’d say that we pretty much have the place back in order. i’ve never been one to pay someone to do work that we can do ourselves (which is unfortunate because i really hate painting…) but, we got it done! officially one year in this place and the walls have all been completely transformed from their previous (and heinous) colour scheme!! Which up until recently included a beige “smear” – i didn’t realize how bad it was until we had it all covered up in fresh, fresh white.

ahhhh. (<< that there’s a fresh breath of air.)

there were also a few birthdays to celebrate (why does everyone keep getting older?!) which kept us busy and full of yummy food.

we got into some pretty heavy conversation on saturday night with family about what it means to be happy and fulfilled in your life and career. is it possible to really love your job? does anyone really? and what do you do with yourself when you are unhappy but you don’t know how to make the changes? this was all floating around amidst the ice cream cake and hockey game. i think we came to the some sort of consensus that personal happiness is more important then money or stature, but if you can somehow find a way to combine the two, you’ve won the lottery.

i know over the past year i’ve been struggling with how to figure out to spend the next 20 years of my life, and it seems like i’m not alone. if i can offer up any advice (since i’ve been doing nothing but deliberation on the topic) it would be to say that life goes on. it might seem impossible to make BIG changes to your status quo, but whatever you decide, things aren’t going to come to a hault around you. things can always be repaired or put back together and ultimately, you need to make decisions from your gut that are best for you. those are the sorts of choices that will make you happiest. not that i’m a guru. it’s just what i’ve gathered having muddled about the topic myself. i think it’s true what they say: life’s a journey.

And in between all of this? we squeezed a few naps where we could fit them, and walks in the most glorious of all the weathers: SPRING! Yes. i’d say it’s finally HERE!!! you know something? i used to hate to have my feet touch grass, but i changed my mind.

the sun was so hot on sunday that cliff didn’t know what to do with his tongue… which makes sense after all because  he’s only ever known snow and cold in his six months of life in this tundra we call Ottawa. He was so hot  it was hanging about a foot out of his mouth.

i feel blessed just as i am. there are so many good things in life that i really couldn’t ask for more. except maybe adventure. i love a good choose your own adventure 😉

From the archives


taken from my old apartment balcony, circa 2009. God that summer was stormy. it’s one of the most prominent things in my mind when i think back on it. (that and it was the summer I met mike! cue awwww). i’d leave for work in the morning and it would be as dark as 5 pm in the fall. and then if it cleared for a bit, all of a sudden the wind would bring in these great big dark clouds and just when you thought the sky couldn’t hold it anymore, it would burst. the down pour would last about 15 minutes, but the humidity dried the sidewalks within half an hour of the rainfall.

we’re far from summer on this chilly spring night – but i was browsing through my photos and this one in particular jumped out at me.

Spring storm

and then all of a sudden, it felt like springtime.

there’s a warm wind outside right now – the likes of which i don’t think we’ve felt since last september!!

the winds picked up while we were out walking the dog last night – and all of a sudden we had our first spring storm. Cliff, having never experienced any thunder or lightening in his life, took off running for our front door.

we made it home just as the rain began to fall.

but inside the house – things are in chaos. we started painting the front hallway. a task that brings me back to one year ago at this time when i painted virtually every wall in this house– except for the front hall… it wasn’t in desperate need of a redo so it made its way down the priority list. so there’s painting cloth everywhere and the coat rack is in the living room.

i’ve also been crafting up a storm – this weekend i’m helping to host a wedding shower and there are paper flowers ALL over the place. I call them “thneeds” – like after those puff ball commodities in The Lorax? i dunno – that’s just what i think of when i look at them.

spring has just been making me itchy to re-do things; clean, paint, purge, make things bright and shiny and fresh.

i kindof envision it like i’m taking a loofah to my life.

have a great weekend everyone!