It’s too late to turn back now

I picked up my race kit for the half marathon today:


It’s too late to turn back now. Yesterday I went for a short little run – a jaunt really… you know, just to test the old legs out, and it was a bit discouraging how slow and tired I felt. I can’t believe I have to run 21.1 on these gams in just over 24 hours.


what’s made matters worst on my nerves is the fact that i’ve spent the past few days helping man the iRun booth at the Ottawa Race Weekend Expo. don’t get me wrong i love talking to all the people and meeting new runners but there’s a certain energy of nerves and anticipation at a race expo, and when i see everyone walking around with their race kits and in their fancy running shoes and tight pants – it really just washes waves of anxiety over me.


outside the ottawa convention centre yesterday morning ^^



the line-up of people waiting to pick up their race kits before the expo opened yesterday morning ^^

it’s not like i have any real reason to be nervous… except i just know, it’s gonna hurt a lot. i have a streak of competitively in me, and it’s like, impossible for me to just lay off and hold back. so you know, the less I train, (as has been the case the past four months) the more it’s gonna hurt. errg. damn those excuses in March… and April. *sigh*


the past few days have been insanely busy but the expo is such a neat experience! i’ve never participated in something like it before – and what’s even cooler is I’m probably at the coolest booth in the room. it’s easy to hand out free stuff and listen to “why people love to run.”


wall of “iRun” statements! so neat! ^^

IMG_1627 IMG_1628

i mean, runners really do make the best community – i’ve met some pretty interesting people from all over. check out this guy’s dedication to the sport:


ok well i’m off to the expo again fro the morning and then to spectate the 10 km race – mike’s running tonight! he made a nice little “carbo load” dinner last night in preparation:


you know what’s better then running or racing or being competitive?

a spaghetti dinner with these guys on a friday night:


ps. there’s also nothing like a grainy iPHONE picture to capture (any) moment.


8 thoughts on “It’s too late to turn back now

  1. Orange corral! Cool!
    I thought about you guys and I put my Ottawa race weekend shirt (from 2010) for the 10k i did this morning. We all know you are competitive – and fast – but don’t forget to have fun tomorrow!

    • OK so don’t internet smack me across the side of the head but I can’t HELP being competitive. That’s why I was so nervous – I knew once I got going that that little switch inside me would turn on and it would be game over! I definitely need to train more over the summer, I’d love to do another half in the fall and I LOVE for it not to hurt so much 😉
      OK but also I really did have fun – it’s impossible not to when everyone around you is so excited and into it.
      Have you heard of “Cross Fit endurance?” I talked to a guy last week for iRUN and he is all over doing these types of strength/low mileage workouts. I’m toying with trying it this summer… seems counter intuitive though for a distance runner?

      • Never heard of CFE, but it sounds like a fun thing to try over a summer. I might check what is available in Sthlm, although I also have to train for the Stockholm Half in September (you know, while you will be doing the Army Run!). That being said, CFE could be a good option to prepare for my October run:

      • UMM that guy is up to his chest in mud – you saw that picture right? Have you made a goal to do one race a month? You are amazing!! You should put a “races I’m running” tab on your blog so we can follow along!
        And yea, I’m thinking more and more this CFE thing might be the ticket – it’s worth a try anyway. Apparently it helps runners with mobility which is something I’m sorely in need of!

  2. That last picture is the best! Seriously. That would be a cool booth to man- I love hearing why people run. I get teary-eyed at the Race for the Cure when I see the “who I’m racing for” bibs on people’s backs. It really is a great community. Good luck with your race!

    • Omgosh Rachel I was watching the end of the 10 km race on saturday and I was almost in tears watching all the people come in near the end – they were all walking with someone who was a real fighter and I was just SO inspired by their courage. Amazing! Thanks so much for the good luck, I think it helped! 😉

  3. Good luck with the race! I know exactly how you feel about sluggish legs. The week before my 5k (nothing compared to yours) I felt slow and my legs were sore and super heavy. Of course, now that the race is done, I went today and it felt as if I was running on air. Beginning to really buy into the mental & physical link that our bodies make. Run done, anxiety gone, legs happy.

    • You were so right! The first couple Km’s I just followed the flow of the crowd and hardly knew I was running – after that I hit a groove and was able to stick with it. It is such a mental game! -> though I don’t think if I ran today I’d feel like I was running on air per say… I can hardly walk!!

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