first impressions

a little story about how mike and i met.

unbeknownst to each other, we were in the same graduate program from the start. It was the same program except not really. he’s an anglophone but mike was in the french stream of the school, and he had started a year before me.

considering these things, there was really no way our paths would cross given the circumstances.

a friend of mine convinced me to take an elective she had signed up for. it wasn’t even within our program. i went along not really knowing what to expect but happy to fill up my schedule so i could graduate in time.

he kept mostly to himself, unlike me, i make small talk with strangers.

which sounds about right because i remember him as a bit stand-offish and aloof.

so then he says i was a social butterfly. which is code for, he thought i might have been a bit snobby.

the first time we exchanged words it was to switch presentation dates. he had the first time slot, i had the last.

he likes to put things off, i like to get them done right away.

as they say, potato/potato.

so it was a chance meeting. but aren’t all meetings chance after all?

the rest is history.

ah yes. first impressions are the best.

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