A few things


1. when you drop your bags on the front mat inside your door after a long weekend on the road, it’s the best feeling.

2. the devastation in oklahoma is heart wrenching.

3. even when you don’t have a 9-5 job the days go by really quickly – i can’t understand what happened to may.

4. i’m running a half-marathon on sunday and i feel totally unprepared.

5. i wrote this post for iRUN and i’m really proud of it.

6. it took me two years of blogging to figure out what bloglovin‘ is…. which is pretty sad if you’re a blogger, non?

7. we haven’t cleaned our pool out yet for the season and birds are using it as a bathtub. I kinda like it.

8. i thought i killed my aloe vera plant but i think i’ve nursed it back to life.

9. i love this song.

10. i used to be so much braver on a swing.


15 thoughts on “A few things

    • Thanks for checking out the iRUN post 🙂 A couple people from my journalism program were crapping on “running” journalism on Facebook the other day and it kinda hurt my feelings – but we gotta do what we love to do, right?

      • University is a great place to meet wonderful people. Unfortunately there are also a few little jerks who have nothing better to do than try and diminish what others do. Often it’s their way to hide behind their lack of self-confidence. The best thing to do? Ignore them and write great posts like the one you posted for iRun 😉

    • Thanks for the luck, I’m gonna need it :p I’ve never done a triathlon before – I’m not a very strong swimmer. Have you ever done one? You’ll have to post about your training regime I’ve always been curious!!

  1. Good luck on your run! I’m running my first race ever (a 5k) tomorrow and on the bus today I had a panic attack. It’s not because of the race, but I’m sure it’s party because of nerves. Oy, so here’s to both of us taking a deep breath and running our best 🙂

    And, umm, I’m just now figuring how to use Bloglovin’ too. To be fair, Google Reader had more market share until they dropped out of the race 🙂


    • Ok good – i absolutely hate it when I’m late to a party 😉 Good luck with the 5 km! The first race is a really big milestone!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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