When friends get married



it was a beautiful wedding in yorkville, toronto; the weather was spectacular, the music was touching and the ceremony perfect. and the dancing. oh the dancing. my feet are going to be sore for a few days – but it’s a small price to pay to the dancing/dj gods who happened to play all the best dancing oldies you could ask for at a wedding. (my absolute favourite!)

it’s pretty amazing when your friends get married. it makes you believe in a love story because you’ve had that special privilege of watching it unfold right in front of you.

when i think of the group of us all getting older over the years, going down different roads doing different things, it brings me a sense of comfort to know that you two will be there together, just like it should be. i feel so blessed to have been included in this amazing day.

here’s to the happy couple!! ❤


yorkville ^^


my handsome date ^^

IMG_1579 IMG_1578 IMG_1566


6 thoughts on “When friends get married

  1. You’re so right here. I’ve watched a few friends, where I’m very close to both the bride and groom, couples that evolved out of college friend groups, get married over the past year and it makes the wedding and event so special and fun. Glad you got to get your dance on. And aren’t oldies just the best? For my own wedding I’d love a motown band!

    • He tried to cut as much rug as he could given his sore feet 🙂 I however, managed to cut the entire rug in 3 inch heels 😉 Not that I’m bragging or anything…

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