A rainy day for a yard sale

Can you say it’s ironic if you have about 10 solid days of beautiful weather and then on the 11th day – the day you have plans to hold a yard sale – it rains and drops about 20 degrees in temperature?


that’s what happened to us this past weekend.

i spent the morning huddled in the car because mike was relentless and would not close up shop. i think after we factored in the morning coffee & the mcmuffins we came away with about 40 dollars in profit. not too shabby for about  hours of work :p

i consider the one success of the sale to be the fact that we got rid of the vacuum we tried to sell last year but couldn’t. see how persistence and holding on to things in your garage can pay off?!


I think some people are just the sort of people who hold on to things. we’re those sort of people. it’s a fact that i still have papers and work books from public school, the first CD i ever owned (although i no longer own a CD player) and sundresses which i’m certain will come back in style one day (… lord jesus I’m already starting to sound like my mother) mike isn’t much better at picking and choosing so i’m in good company.

and then there’s all these studies that say the less stuff you have, the better it is on your mind – your well being.

so every so often i’ll do a bit of a purge.

and don’t you know, the minute i’ve discarded or donated that old pile of christmas cards or the extra canning jars (or any other random collection of objects!) i find a direct need for them? something comes up and someone says, “OH but couldn’t I just USE 40 old Christmas cards for this craft I’m doing.”

and I say “oh for crying out loud.”

sometimes life plays these funny little ironic jokes on us. rain when there should be sun. a need for something you’ve just gotten rid of.

i guess that’s why they say that god must have a sense of humour.


2 thoughts on “A rainy day for a yard sale

  1. A legit still has tubs and tubs of papers and books from highschool. I’m jealous that you guys can unload via garage sale. Since we’re in an apartment building we’re sort of trapped into using Ebay or Craigslist (thank god A is handy with those) or dropped off at Salvo or Goodwill. Good job to you guys for paring down! It’s hard but so so worth it!

    • Well.. considering our turnout looks like we’ll still be making a trip to the goodwill It does feel good though doesn’t it – kinda like you lose a few pounds. I think it is true what they say – the less stuff you have, the better.

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