Trail Run








iPHONE: a really bad distraction if you are a runner. ^^^

(Also, not only is it distracting, it’s frustrating to hear an email pop up, or see a phone call when you are supposedly “checking out.” I really need to get an iPOD – still haven’t replaced my old one since last fall.)

This beautiful trail is nearly in my backyard. (Plus one Suburbs, minus one, downtown!). Seriously – how many trails do you know of called “Heart’s Desire?” Although I’m not sure how I feel about that creepy little cabin? It broaches on the blair witch vibe…. the bright sunshine helps – I don’t think I’d want to run across it in the fall or night time.

The breeze is so beautiful today. Last night we got some rain and it broke that really uncanny, unseasonal heat we’ve been having. Now it just feels like a lovely May day.

I got some positive feedback today on some side projects I’ve been working on – and you wouldn’t think it, but it goes a really  long way to have that sort of thing thrown your way.

That little nugget, plus the wind, plus the beautiful blue sky? Life is pretty good.


9 thoughts on “Trail Run

  1. Looks like a beautiful area. At first I was thinking how cute that cabin was. Then I read “creepy”! Interesting how photographs can depict a completely different vibe and visual! 🙂

  2. AH! perfect timing to come across this post. I’m back at my family’s lake house in Michigan this weekend and we’re planning a trail run on Saturday morning. Could not be more jazzed 🙂 Great photos and super jelly that this guy is in (almost) your backyard!

    • I’m really jealous of your lake weekend – I think I’m gonna be dogging it around here… yard sale and doing a bit of spring cleaning ourselves!
      Your family has a lake house in Michigan?! That’s like my all American dream (coming from a Canadian!)

  3. this is beautiful! I spent a little time in Atlanta, and there was a running trail just like this out out in the suburbs (though without the name “heart’s desire”…that’s pretty awesome). I used that thing almost daily…so much better than street running!

    • Yea I know what you mean – running on concrete just wrecks my legs and plus it’s just more fun to run around obstacles and where cars aren’t flying by! I found you on twitter so now I can follow along 🙂

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