Ten Lessons I Learned from The Great Gatsby

last summer i wrote this piece on the Great Gatsby and i’ve been getting a lot of hits on it over the past few weeks – i suppose since the movie opens… tomorrow?! back when i wrote this it was scheduled to come out in december.
let’s hope good things are worth waiting for – to be honest i’m still a bit worried it’s baz luhrmann we’ve been anticipating.

Sparrow in the Tree Top

To me, The Great Gatsby is primarily a story about summer. It’s July 4, so maybe that’s why the book spoke to me. Or maybe it’s just because it’s a really good book.

I had no idea that it was the epitome of a “summer read” when I picked it up a week ago, which, may I add, doubled my appreciation of the book. I love when you can place yourself into a story at the mere description of a climate or the season.

I will also voluntarily admit that I thoroughly expected to be bored to tears by something which has been dubbed by some as “one of the greatest works of American Literature of our time.” Because you know, (in my opinion), many of the classics are simply “classic” because the author was depressed or a recluse or said something edgy for the day and age. But I…

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