Spring storm

and then all of a sudden, it felt like springtime.

there’s a warm wind outside right now – the likes of which i don’t think we’ve felt since last september!!

the winds picked up while we were out walking the dog last night – and all of a sudden we had our first spring storm. Cliff, having never experienced any thunder or lightening in his life, took off running for our front door.

we made it home just as the rain began to fall.

but inside the house – things are in chaos. we started painting the front hallway. a task that brings me back to one year ago at this time when i painted virtually every wall in this house– except for the front hall… it wasn’t in desperate need of a redo so it made its way down the priority list. so there’s painting cloth everywhere and the coat rack is in the living room.

i’ve also been crafting up a storm – this weekend i’m helping to host a wedding shower and there are paper flowers ALL over the place. I call them “thneeds” – like after those puff ball commodities in The Lorax? i dunno – that’s just what i think of when i look at them.

spring has just been making me itchy to re-do things; clean, paint, purge, make things bright and shiny and fresh.

i kindof envision it like i’m taking a loofah to my life.

have a great weekend everyone!


Will bake for comments!

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