iRun for Boston

I hate that. (when the day starts out ordinary and then all of a sudden gets turned upside down on its head.)

Twitter makes you find out news instantaneously. I seriously still can’t believe that someone would bomb the finish line of a race? It seems even more cruel and unusual. How are we capable of something like this? How is it that something so positive, as the culmination of a marathon, can turn into carnage?

Well. at least I know that mostly we are good – the bad guys don’t win. There’s more of us.

I wrote an article for following today’s events:

iRun for Boston

….even though mostly I’m still speechless.



3 thoughts on “iRun for Boston

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  2. Emily, sadly I must confess that this is not a surprise to me….it would not be a surprise if it happens in the Eaton Centre, the venue of the Super Bowl, or Scotiabank Place or…..please insert your venue here. Our society has changed…Oklahoma city….twin towers…invasion of Saddams country etc etc. so someday if I am in Merivale Mall or in a park and a bomb goes off……would YOU be surprised……I wouldn’t……however, I would like to remind you of my childhood days which were innocent and carefree of such incidents as BOSTON and Columbine etc. etc….don’t you think that that family of 4 who were there (and now are a wrecked family of 3….and I mean Wrecked…WRECKED and WRECKED ) would wonder what on earth has happened to our society since the times of our parents and my youth? I used to worry about losing a schoolyard fight (no knives) or running out of booze on a weekend outing or running out of lighter fluid for my lighter…..but never a bomb on a sidewalk that I was walking on with my mother and dad and my brothers and sisters laughing and talking…….

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