What happened to the past three months?

seriously. where does time go? i feel like i woke up today and suddenly it was april. the last thing i remember it was NY’s and we were ushering in 2013. now it’s almost time to usher in the summer.

yesterday i finished year one of the master of journalism program! such a milestone.  year one done. finito. c’est fini!

i was leafing through some of the pictures i managed to take when life was busy – and in my head we haven’t done a whole lot of anything since the start of the year, but in reality… man we’ve crammed a lot in: New puppy. birthday celebration. trips home. job searches. classes… i don’t know why i was so misled. I think when you’re busy, you just put your head down and soldier through.

at any rate. on to the next steps. this is the first time in a long time i don’t have plans outlined for the summer (read: a form of employment at the ready). i’m not going to lie: this whole “lack of control” is driving me alittlebitbatty. (deeeeep breath.) maybe this is a really good exercise in letting go – and seeing where life takes you.

So a bit of a recap the moments i thought i missed over the past few months:




New family member

New family member

mike's 30th birthday celebrations

mike’s 30th birthday celebrations



outdoor hockey game


endured another snow storm


a warm cup or two

dressed a dog up

dressed a dog up like Rihanna


winter trail runs


embracing the snow



trying to get spring to hurry up


the TV studio at school where I spent the month of March


sneaking a lunch date in


watching Mike in a comedy tour

Proud to be team bride

Road trip across the province for Wedding festivities on Easter weekend!

And now? Bring on the APRIL showers 🙂


Will bake for comments!

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