What I’m doing Tonight

This is what I’ve been doing tonight:

except it looks more like this:


(We’re actually in the basement except there’s no turkey dinner on the table.)

hibernating. that’s what’s up.

it was tuesday that felt like a monday. you ever experience that? snow followed by freezing rain mixed with a really long day at school. the minute i walked in the door from a long cold and wet commute home, i heard the best words a girl can hear in a situation like that: “let’s go for sushi.” no twisting my arm.

since sushi is ridiculously expensive in this city and we could only bear to spend 38$ on three measly rolls and a small bottle of saki, both of us we’re still (UNDERSTANDABLY) hungry.

i’m not going to tell you how it happened precisely but I will just say this – we ended up returning home with a bottle of red wine and two bags of ms. vikki’s chips (we only opened the sweet chill heat I SWEAR). if you’ve been reading  this blog for any length of time you’ll know that those are two of my worldly favourites.

hence the hibernation underground like a pair of foxes. warm and snug.

tuesday officially erased. i bid you adieu and tell you that there’s a whole lot of work to catch up on when we try it all over again tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “What I’m doing Tonight

    • Well Hello Paul! Welcome to the blog!
      I’ll pass that message along to Mike – he does make a bad habit of that… but do you think I can get through to him? 😉

      Sushi is SO expensive because of the fish I guess… and our lack of proximity to a supply?

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