After a long (and probably much needed) hiatus I’m back to the world of blogging.

*I’ll just pause for a minute to let the cheers die down.*

Since I’ve received SO many emails about my absence ( 😉 ) I’ll fill the world in on what I’ve been doing whilst I was away:


Journalism school continues. I’m now officially one quarter of the way done a two year Master’s program. There’s been a lot of deliberation, I’m not going to lie. The focus has been majorly on crafting your skills for the life of a daily news room (of which I have NO desire to work in nor do I belong in this sort of environment.) I feel like I’ve spent a lot of guilty time trying to justify to myself that not all journalists have to fit into this corner of the profession, while simultaneously  trying to justify that not all journalism is news journalism. Even as I’m typing this I’m wondering if I sound a bit crazy – because after all journalism is news (or so they tell me). All I want to do is tell people’s stories…. but they’re clearly not always relevant in this sort of “news” world.

The plus side of the past semester is I feel like my writing has improved (as in majorly). That was one of the things I wanted to achieve when I set out on this little 360 adventure, so I’m happy about that. Also, this semester we’re getting into broadcast journalism and I’m excited about a major research project that I’m under-taking. So for the time being, life goes on.


The Christmas break was hectic and lovely and restful all at the same time.

It didn’t need to be written down, so I just let it happen: My dad wore the traditional Clark Griswold Blackhawks jersey on Christmas day; my sister’s great dane (Patrick) behaved himself and managed not to eat the gravy this year; I found out that I’m “old” because Just Dance 4 came out and my nieces informed me that “Mr. Saxobeat” is not a new song (I had never heard it before); It was a White Christmas and that was awesome; there was a miracle Christmas baby born in the extended family and by New Years he overcame crazy odds and made it through (blessed); Tobogganing frightens me now; family and friends make the holiday season bright 🙂


Part of the reason the holidays were so hectic was the addition of this little guy:


Meet Cliff.

He’s a yellow lab, now 12 weeks old. His favourite past-time includes eating icicles and Mike’s shoes. He’s just so lovely.

For the record, Lo Mein does not think he is that lovely. They still seem to hate each other, and it’s been three weeks. (Insert nervous laugh).



(not my feet).

I’m really, really enjoying the winter running this year. We haven’t had that many cool days, so we’ve been lucky in that respect. But either way, when’s there’s snow on the sidewalks, or the need to dress in layers of warm clothing, it’s all just an extra challenge and I feel rewarded every time I just get out there. I actually think I’m more of a cold weather runner. Last year’s Ottawa Race weekend 10km tells me that the heat and dry weather are less then ideal conditions for me when it comes to racing. It makes sense since any time I get a *wee* bit hot my face turns beat red, with only a white ring around my mouth.

I managed to get signed up in time for Ottawa’s Half Marathon (held at the end of May). It sold out in record time this year… like I think maybe even a month earlier then it normally does. It’s still a bit distant but something to work towards. I’ve been toying running a 10 km in March so that might be what I set my sights on first for 2013!

I’ve been tracking my miles at Daily Mile dot Com. If you’re a runner add me- it’s so much fun to follow along and be motivated by other people’s training plans (and I mean I’ll be motivated by your training plans 🙂 ).

So that’s all for now. It’s good to be back!


5 thoughts on “I’m BACK

    • Yea I figure it’s pretty similar to the Nike one? Plus that’s probably synced with your shoe chip? (Oh that must be what you mean by “gadget.”) YES! Toonie jar is started. What’s the entry fee + flight gonna cost me do you suppose? 😉

      • Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about the entry fee… the flight though will be something else… You will probably have to put 5$ a day in that toonie jar 😉
        And yes, I have a chip on my shoe (!) but some of the new smart phones use the gps function for Nike +. No chip required!

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