Snowflakes and Standard Time

My ‘hood at 4:30 pm today.

Good-bye sun, hello snowflakes:

We got back late last night from a weekend on the other side of the province. I made the trip down to the western side of Ontario to see this lovely lady – and to help her pick out a wedding dress! I nearly held it together until her sister-in-law to be started to cry.. until that point I had been biting the inside of my cheek a lot to keep it in check. I can’t believe we’re all grown up and my best friend is getting married!

We celebrated the dress decision with an all out ’80’s-’90’s karaoke party in her dining room until about 2 in the morning. It’s a lot of fun to sing to the same songs you always have…. like ever since the day’s when you drove around in a 1990 Dodge Caravan and pumped Jack and Diane out the open windows. I like singing even though it’s not one of my finer qualities.

Also confession: I bought a Lady Antebellum christmas album and I might have played it before we went to bed… just for a bit. Christmas really is right around the corner and the snowflakes that kept sprinkling in the sky throughout today just act as proof. Snow = I’m allowed to start playing Christmas music. So…. ya.

I also have to say that I almost feel like going for a run again. The thought of sitting down and getting out my winter running clothes has got me really excited, whereas about 3 weeks ago just the proposition was exhausting. When I stepped out earlier to take these pictures, it felt refreshing, and it is SO exciting to me that I might almost be ready to lace up again. I really miss running and I haven’t had this much energy since probably August, which must mean I’m ALMOST better for real.



Will bake for comments!

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