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The past month and-a half has been a blur. Literally I feel like I’ve missed most of the fall – and that sucks because as most of you will know, I’m #FallCrazy.

Evidential proof:

I said to Mike the other day that I felt like life was going by so quickly, like so much so that I was missing it. But he reminded me, (and I think he’s right) that when things are going by, it means you aren’t just watching – you’re in the thick of it.

Firstly, school is really, really busy. Mostly it’s the volume of assignments. Also though it’s trying to take feed back and actually learn something from the assignments so you don’t make the same mistakes twice (I’m definitely not the type of person who picks these tricks up quickly). At first I thought the semester was going by too quickly for me to even learn anything- but I was wrong. Last night I looked at some of my first assignments – I’m on number assignment no.14 and now,  glancing at the first ones I wrote only a month and a half ago, they seem amateur. So for that reason alone, I’m happy because it feels like I’m making progress.

outside the front door

Also – not adding to the whole “coping with being busy thing” is the fact that I spent the majority of the past 7 weeks with Mono.. which if you know anything about mono it totally zaps the life right out of you. It really is the worst. BUT, the thing is, I didn’t know I had it.. so I kept pushing myself to do things in hopes that it would make me “feel better.”  Case in point:

“Oh I’ll go for a run. That will give me more energy.”

“Oh I’ll play soccer. I can’t not show up for another game.”

“Oh, I must not be sick anymore. No one is tired for that long of a period of time.”

Turns out, yes, yes you can be totally totally wiped for more then a month. Also… you shouldn’t do things like “go for a run” or play contact sports when you have Mono… that’s a really, really bad idea. It certainly doesn’t give you more energy like you might want to believe.

So, moral of the story. Listen to your body. Always. And tell your doctor to listen to your body too. Humans aren’t text books, and sometimes your symptoms don’t fit into the  definition they have sitting in front of them. Keep pushing for the health care you deserve.

my attempt at comfort

Also…I’m being proud of myself for just getting through the hectic-ness of it all. Sometimes, that’s the absolute best you can offer.

This week I finally seem to have a bit of a spring in my step again – it’s not completely 100% me, but fingers crossed I hope that comes next. It’s really marvellous to feel a bit more peppy – and not just because I’m forcing it.

also this. Sometimes it’s helpful.


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