Butterfly Exhibit

Every year Carleton University’s natural science department hosts a butterfly exhibit.  It’s located in a hot, tropical atrium building. The minute I stepped in the door, the sweat started beading on my forehead. Before I could get too cranky (because being hot and sweaty makes me cranky) I peeled off a few layers.

Butterflies as it turns out, are big fans of citrus. Hint to those viewers at home – if you have a large butterfly population in your area I’d recommend slicing up and orange. You can actually get the butterflies to land on you this way!

Also though, they kinda freak me out – true story: my sister’s friend had a small moth or butterfly actually fly into his ear. It got stuck in there and then every time it would start to beat its wings he would drop to the ground screaming because of the vibrations on his ear drum.

It’s difficult to take pictures, carry your coat and shield your ears from flying creatures all at the same time. Despite this, I think I managed to get a few good shots.



Will bake for comments!

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