Mind Like a Lens

Has anyone else been sick for like 3 weeks straight? I just got over strep throat and now I have an ear infection.  I had pizza and ginger ale last night as comfort food compensation to make up for the past 21 days of misery. I suppose misery is a stretch, but humour me, being melodramatic makes me feel better.

I’m sitting here right now trying to sum up the courage and game plan to get dressed for the day. I’ve given myself a small pep talk about how good it will feel to put some jogging pants on, and then I’m bribing myself with a cup of tea awaiting me downstairs but somehow it all just seems to be a bit too much at the moment. My mushy brain is surprisingly quick to catch on to anything that whiffs of productivity.

On a more upbeat note, I took some pictures (and no, not of vegetables).  One thing I would really like to get better at is taking pictures of people. As it turns out, from my point of view, it takes a lot of courage to take someone’s picture. Photographers make it look so easy (which is obviously why they’re good at it) to capture the most intimate and fleeting of moments. I say, taking pictures of people is a sort of vulnerability for the person behind the camera. You either have to ask, or be discreet, or cunning or quick. I don’t think I’m particularly good at any of those things (not that I’d want to be cunning or – Heavens- discreet) so it’s an art form in itself to just learn how to be in the position to take the picture, let alone understand the basics of how to capture a good picture. You are conceiving of a freeze frame on life that no one else in the world is.

This week for the photography class I’m taking we were asked to take a picture using only natural light, through a window.

Natural light is best when you are trying to capture the character of a subject.

The trick is to position yourself between the subject of the photo and the source of light.

I call this the “I can’t believe you are making me into your class project pose“:

The thing about Mike is he’s so photogenic. The boy seriously doesn’t take a bad picture.

I call this the bed I’m sitting on is about to collapse pose:

(No seriously the bed totally buckled about 3 seconds after the picture was taken.)

Then I made Lo Mein pose. (Obviously.)

This I call “I’m a show stopper”/”give me some Science Diet”  pose:

Now will someone please bring me my jogging pants and a cup of tea so I can try to get on with the day? Thanks.


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