Chapman Mills Conservation Area

So the other day, having been unsatisfied with my previous foray into a search for the “perfect” nature shot for my photography class, I set out to rectify the situation.

The wonderful thing about living in a green city like Ottawa is that there are literally hundreds of opportunities and secret little nature caches that you can quickly escape to within the city confines. (Not to mention the fact that the city itself is not 15 minutes from the Gatineau Hills which are just a breathtaking experience on their own.)

I’d been meaning to visit Chapman Mills Conservation area for sometime. It’s nestled along the the Rideau Valley River and it really is a beautiful little escape from Suburbia. I learned after the fact that nature photos in general are best in soft light – it was not soft lighting when I took these  as you will see… Sunlight and landscape photos are apparently best either 2 hours before or after sunset. Still evidently much to learn.

I’m beginning to recognize one of the most immediate perks of being a journalism/photography student: you literally get to leave your desk to do your work. It almost felt like I was making an excuse to head out to take some pictures – as if I was procrastinating from other work… in fact it made for a beautiful fresh outing, and I ticked something off the to do list. So that about brings this week’s tally to:

Me : 1

To do list: 25

There’s still a few things to tackle…

Here’s the shot I chose to submit for my class project. I call it Dragonfly. …. er for obvious reasons. 


Will bake for comments!

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