Cottage Life, You Own Me

Before there was the strep throat, or the new school week of orientation there was this:

Iz dreamland, non?

If you’ll recall, my best friend got engaged last week and the dock you see here? This is where the magic happened. (bow chica wow wow)

We were lucky enough to join the happy couple over the long weekend and soak up some of the cottage life before the onslaught that will be life for the next four months commenced on Tuesday.

There’s this old aboriginal folk song that all Canadians learn when we are in public school (it’s an oldie but a goodie):

Blue lake and rocky shore, I will return once more

When the winter winds do blow, and the assignments do make me want to pull my hair out this fall and winter, I will return to this post, booked-marked as a favorite, and try to make peace that one day again, life will be a cottage.

Mark my words.
I WILL be back.

But first! There’s a few things to tackle over the next few months.


I touched this (and *almost* picked it up)


Will bake for comments!

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