Big Moments

I’m away this weekend spending time with my best friend of life at a cottage on a lake. (Bliss! & thanks for the invite Jess!)

And then take another one. Thanks.

We’ve been friends since the 5th grade. There were some road bumps in between, (including a broken wrist) and times when we’ve lived on different continents, but it’s a good kind of friendship, it’s the oldest kind.

I couldn’t be more happy for these two beautiful people:


ENGAGED to be married!

I got the phone call at 12:30 am on Monday and slept through it (stupid vibrate)!!!! I woke up around 3 am to find my phone flashing with 6 missed calls. I started to PANIC! Bad thoughts! What has gone wrong!? I called her phone back with trepidation…
But it was only good things!

We talked for about an hour and then I laid awake until about 5 am, planning and plotting all the beautiful things to come.

Life is wonderful xoxo


3 thoughts on “Big Moments

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