Green Beans and Family

This is the time, when in the heat of the summer, vegetables just pop up overnight as if by magic.

My mom was down for the long weekend and we were sitting inside looking out at the garden on the patio when she pointed out a giant new cucumber. “LOOK it’s a giant cucumber!!” (That’s exactly what she said). After doing a double take myself I realized that this was a miracle cucumber. I’m telling you, it had appeared over night. It was not there the day before.

Pleased as I was with the cuke, I was overjoyed by the little pot of green beans that came this week. The tomatoes were also just coming into their own. Mainly the Lemon Boys and the Roma tomatoes. I can’t believe how much I love the colour of the vegetables in my garden. I could just sit and stare all day. I’m so proud of my little army. *sniff*

This was the first time this summer we really got to enjoy the pool. While my niece and mom were at a skating competition, my 4-year old nephew, and Mike and I swam circles in our back yard. Let me tell you… the fiasco and drama that was setting up the pool earlier this summer has officially paid off. I would also like to thank my sister for letting me borrow her son; he did just enough screaming and shrieking in the pool that I think we were sufficiently able to pay our neighbours back. I’m thinking specifically of one particular Sunday earlier this summer when I was convinced that they had thrown either a banshee or the wicked witch of the west into the pool and she was dying a slow horrible death. As it turns out I was wrong – it was their 8 year old son and his father playing (for 6 HOURS).  I’m all for “the voices of children playing” –  but let’s just say it was nice to have a nephew on hand to doll out a bit of what we’re usually served up. (This is what happens when childless mid-twenty somethings move to the suburbs… Just sayin’.) End retroactive neighbour rant.

I also have to use this opportunity to provide a Lomein-update.

This cat is the kind of lost soul that waits by the front window for us to come home. She wins my heart over no less then 3x per day… and I’m certain she’s the reason I will probably become a cat lady in my old age. I have never in my life heard her hiss at me. Enter 4 year-old boy and other family members into the house and she transforms into world’s biggest bitch cat. She hissed at someone just existing in her space as they walked by, and then she spent the entire supper hour glaring at us through the patio window. (Class act Lo Mein. Way to make people feel welcome.) The scariest part? We came home to an empty house this evening after the company had left, and we found on the stairs, one demolished squishy dinosaur figurine that my nephew had left behind. No no, it wasn’t him who ripped the brontosaurus’ head off.  The crime had LO MEIN written all over it.  I shudder to think that she’s capable of sending us a message (“THE KID GOES OR I GO“)…. but it seems awfully suspect, and now I’m slightly worried that she actually is plotting our death in our sleep and the “just for laughs” evil cat cartoons are based in some part of reality.

“vile, vile house guests”

The best part of the weekend? A wonderful BBQ dinner and post dinner dusk dip in the pool. And then the first 2012 screening of SPEED. Sandra Bullock in all her early 1990’s debut glory (She is so fabulous still is she not?!). Mike swears that Keanu is still one of the worst actors out there (Jealous! Don’t worry MK, you fixed me up a nice swimming pool so you still rank above K.Reeves in my books). That being said, I still say dream-boat hunks don’t need to deliver lines well to capture the hearts and minds of women everywhere. I mean who needs an academy award when you look like that 😀 ?

All in all, many things blooming this weekend. Veggies and family.


Will bake for comments!

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