London’s Got It Going On

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed… but London’s got it going on these days. (What Olympics? There are Olympics on?)

Once upon a time they said that the “sun never set on the British Empire.”

You Just Try and Confederate, Bitches.

At one point in history, there were so many British colonies across the world that at every minute in 24 hours, the sun was always shining on British territory. I’m no historian, but this was clearly no small feat.

Did the Sun ever really set? Has there ever been a time when London hasn’t had it going on?

Ok, well for argument’s sake, maybe it wasn’t all that during the cholera outbreak of 1854… that was a pretty awful time I’m sure:

Not so pleasant when you have to attend to disorders of the Bowels.

And maybe not when a WWII invasion was imminent:

“Cheerio. There’s a bomb over there!”

…… and you’re right. Maybe things were a bit dicey again, in 2011 when all the disgruntled, unemployed and hopeless youth used their really sophisticated and expensive cellular phones to organize revolt and they stormed the city in an attempt to burn it to the ground:

Really guys? Really?

OK so this guy doesn’t like London that much.. but just hear me out.

Despite all these really valid points, you have got to assume that a legacy of “world domination” sticks with you, even after the “sun sets” on your reign. Perhaps I could compare it to having had a really popular older sibling blaze a trail through high school before you, and you end up by default accepted for your quirks. The rest of us just assume you know what’s right, cool, and edgy because your older sister dated a football player (even if you are wearing overalls).

London… it was the center of the world once, right?

See ya.

In fact technically, by definition, there still is a British Empire. An empire is “a Group of territories under the rule/administration of one state or person” so the fact that the United Kingdom retains 14 territories in which they have full sovereignty means that there’s still quite a bit of Empire going on there.

Full disclosure: I’m not a monarchist. I’m not completely obsessed with whether Kate is pregnant or not.

But I dunno…. To me, the UK, (and London in particular) still maintains the illustrious appeal as a hub for all things refined.

I said this to my friend yesterday over lunch. “I love all things UK.” We were sitting on a blanket in a park in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Somewhere across the ocean there was probably at least one of the 34 Olympic swimming events taking place. We had wandered haphazardly onto the topic of fascinators and renting hats for events in England. (Because you can do that there you know).

To which she replied… “Except the teeth?”

Ah yes, the dental stereotype. Couple that fact with the awful food, (which is usually the centrifugal force for a vibrant culture) and you wonder why the city is still illustrious.

If it’s not good food, what is it about British Culture that captures the hearts and minds of so many? I couldn’t come up with a good answer to this question. Can’t it just be a gut feeling? Couldn’t I just show you a picture of the city or read you a piece from any one of my favorite authors?

I could no sooner put into words what makes things are trendy or fashionable… it’s an unspeakable air of quality, allure, sophistication and brilliance.


Will bake for comments!

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