It’s Never Too Hot For Tea

Are you with me or are you against me?

It might be a scorching summer out there, but it’s not to hot for tea.

I blame my years of working with the elderly for the comfort I find in the cup, despite the sweat running down my back.

This realization has led me to two three four five conclusions:

1) It’s not about the heat;

2) Tea is more versatile then a bikini;

3) Tea is kinder to your self-confidence then a bikini;

4) Anytime is tea time;

5) I am officially aging elegantly. (Point for me, minus one for father time).

Tea For One


Sweet Comfort


8 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Hot For Tea

  1. Maybe we should realize that tea is spiritual, not physical, and that is the reason anytime is teatime! It’s all about comfort—not what is correct!

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