All I Want for my Birthday is an Alpaca

I’ve decided that I want an Alpaca and I don’t think this is such an unreasonable request. Apparently according to Brian of Victory Farm, Lanark County, Alpacas are a rather “low-maintenance” breed of farm animal. “Even the lady of the household can haul them around,” says Brian. Well I’m the lady of the household, so now all I have to do is save my pennies (as if money was the only obstacle between me and owning an Alpaca). The average Alpaca goes for $500-$1000, but if I want a Stud, it’s gonna set me back somewhere in the $5000 range.

Brian is the owner of Victory Farm Alpacas. Alpacas are his life. He always wanted to start a farm with his late wife, but he knew having grown up on a farm that farm animals can be very demanding. He did some research and it turned out that the Alpaca is a wonderful option for the retired public servant. So in 2001 Brian bought his first of the Alpaca herd at Victory Farms. His herd is now numbers 47… and growing as you will see from the pictures of the babies below. Alpacas are the smaller, less brutish and more inquisitive cousin to the llama. You can’t ride them…. so don’t try (that would be an awkward mistake to make.)

Alpaca is > Llama

I will state here for the record, if the Alpaca doesn’t make your heart melt, you aren’t human.

Here is Brian with his prized yet furry family:

The Alpaca ❤ Treats

I think I could put one or two in my backyard don’t you?

I’m sure my backyard is fit for an Alpaca or Two?

The biggest obstacle would be figuring out how to keep them out of my sunflower patch…. because Alpacas as it turns out? They’re frolickers. Just take a look for yourself:

Welcome to our humble abode

the newest Stud & recent father

“We bring you great tidings. Welcome”

“If I knew we were going to have visitors I would have straightened my hair”

The Gang’s All Here

One week old baby.

“Ug.Llamas are so annoying”

“Oh yeaaa”

“Duuuuddde. No way,man”

“The Beauty”

“No Dental Insurance”

“Oh hello there”

In the pasture

I ❤ Alpacas


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