This is My Island in the Sun

Heat Wave!

(Muppet reference anyone?)

I had every intention to enjoy the first day of summer outside.

But then I had to work.

And then there was the fact that if I hadn’t been nestled safe and cool in an air conditioned office, I probably wouldn’t have chosen to  bask in the cloud of humidity that has enveloped our city. The sun has set now and it is still a “feels like temperature” of 37 degrees Celsius outside. It’s the type of heat wave that causes sweat to trickle down the back of your leg when riding the city bus. (And consequently causes me to just loathe the person crammed into the seat, taking up the air space beside me (heat rage?)

It’s the kind of heat wave where you cave and put the A/C on …. I’ve never, ever had AC before… not in my 27 years of life. This is the very first time.  Although, I would offer that it is arguably far different not having air conditioning in the middle of a concrete jungle, then on a dirt road in the country (which is where I grew up.)

The past two summers Mike and I have been sweating to the oldies in non-conditioned apartments, and last summer, a hot and stuffy old house (which seemed to actually trap the heat and hold on to it for weeks after the heat wave had passed). This year, we tried to hold out as long as we could on the basis that if we have made it this long without it, we could make it through another summer.

The first heat wave Mike and I spent together we were on the 7th floor of a tiny apartment building.

Summer View from the old apartment.

We were so hot after three straight nights of record temperatures that we literally slept with ice packs on our bodies and a pot of ice and face cloths beside the bed. The hot air from the fan just made us sweat more and by the time I made it to work in the morning that summer I was covered in sweat again and felt like I had the flu, which is reasonable considering that I’m pretty sure my body temperature was elevated for extended periods of time. It was in a word, awful.

That summer, we knew it was hot when Lo Mein started sleeping like this. (You can see her bed that she has abandoned on the ground behind her):

“Guys… it’s really hot in here. And I’m wearing a fur coat.”

Just to give you a point of reference she usually lays like this:

“I sleep in a bed. the floor is for peasants”

The last famous heat wave of 2011 we bought a box of chocolate Popsicles and sat on the couch in our underwear eating one after the other. It was arguably, our least healthy heat wave.

Mike circa Heat Wave 2011. Life imitates Lo Mein (in situations of extreme heat).

So here we are. The first day of summer and we are cool and comfortable like the rest of you chumps. (And loving it).

But I’m sending absolutely freezing thoughts to my parents and family members, (And the people who have inherited our 3 former apartments) who are no doubt at this moment trying to let the cool breeze blow in through windows which I am certain are open to their maximum.


3 thoughts on “This is My Island in the Sun

  1. Hey– What’s better anyway? Enjoying a heatwave or having your ass-sets frozen?? Love the muppets and Michael Caine. And remember -20 and Jan snow!

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