Lemon-Basil Sorbet Margaritas

Two weeks ago, right about the time that the pool started leaking uncontrollably, our freezer defrosted.

It was on the hottest day of the year so far (an unseasonably high temperature of 31 degrees Celsius for early may), and we lost the contents of our freezer. It happened on the Saturday but by the Monday things were looking frosty again. We called someone to inspect anyway.

The refrigerator repair man arrived promptly during supper hour, took one look at the fridge and proceeded to tell us that the compressor in the “unit” was the worst possible one on the market. He added, (and I quote): “because the dang thing is actually humming again, I can’t pinpoint for certain what’s was wrong.”

Sooo, we paid him 75$ to tell us that we should “probably just buy a new fridge” (thanks), and he was happily on his way.

Reluctant to lose any more groceries, we haven’t trusted the “worst compressor on the market” since that visit. We’re going to see how long we can wait out the marginally functioning freezer, and in the event that we can make it to a Boxing Day sale, we’ll celebrate post-Christmas with a frozen pizza-party night.

Fast-forward from initial defrosting to present day and you will find that our freezer contains a bag of frozen shrimp, some ice cube trays and a canister of what would be lemon sorbet if we actually had an optimally functioning freezer.

(The shrimp, if you are curious, are suspect at best. I’ll let you know how that turns out.)

The lemon sorbet on the other hand, was a “foray” of mine from last weekend….

And that’s another story:

Oooo,” I said to myself last Saturday “I shall make a sorbet and it shall be fabulous!”

(Not taking into consideration that the freezer was operating at 45%.)

I carried out Steps 1-3, of this recipe and all was going well.

Of course in order to properly freeze a sorbet, you need a freezer that does just that…. it seemed to dawn on me somewhere between juicing the lemons and boiling into syrup that this may not work out so well. I just put my head down and hoped for the best.

But because today is Wednesday, and given the fact that the sorbet “mixture” hasn’t become any more frozen since last Sunday morning, I’m gonna go ahead and assume that what we’ve got here is a bucket of lemon-sugar flavored ice chips.

But when life gives you lemon-ice chips, what do you do? I’ll tell ya what you do: you admit defeat, and make frozen lemon-basil margaritas.

Experts say it helps with the pain of having to buy a new fridge while staring at an empty pool on a really hot day.

Lemon-Basil Margaritas

By Emily Murtha

*adapted from Lemon sorbet, the day  things went sorely awry*

½ cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice

½ cup of refined white sugar

Rind of one lemon peel finely diced

1.5 cups of sparkling water

Tequila – 1 oz Sauza Gold

1 teaspoon basil chopped

1. juice lemons. bring the lemon juice, white sugar and lemon rind to a boil over medium high. Stirring constantly.

2. reduce heat to medium and simmer for 10-15 minutes stirring often.

3. remove from heat. stir in sparkling water & allow to cool.

4. because we’re assuming you have a working freezer, i would recommend you pour the mixture into ice cube trays. Freeze overnight.

5. when frozen (or just slightly frozen), pop the ice cubes out, & pulse in a blender with basil & tequila.

6. Serve chilled


– Emily


11 thoughts on “Lemon-Basil Sorbet Margaritas

  1. What’s worse than a day when your pool leaks and your freezer doesn’t freeze? A day when your freezer leaks and your pool freezes. Hey, there is always something to be thankful for.!!—like lemon -basil margaritas!! Cheers

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