21 Days To Make A Good Habit Stick

I read something somewhere once (if memory serves me, it could have been on the back of a cereal box, or a bumper sticker? so obviously a very credible source of information about to come your way) and it’s a fact that I cling to:

It takes 21 days to make a habit stick.

And no one said it had to be a bad habit.

Now by this I’m intrigued. This means that when isolated for 21 days, or three measly  weeks, it’s possible to take a “bad habit” and turn it into a good thing.

For example, a list of my bad habits (that ones that I’m willing to share on the internet):

1) I don’t drink enough water;

2) I don’t get up early enough and have a bad habit of sleeping in;

3) I eat a lunch on the run, and usually spend too much money on buying a breakfast or a lunch;

4) My mornings are always rushed, because I don’t have lunch ready, clothes ready, or I sleep in (see bad habit number 2) therein making me start the day on a bad foot.


Three out of four of these items are hinged around my morning routine.

It would be great if my hobbies matched up with my personality and I was able to bounce out of bed in the morning, throw my running shoes on and hit the quiet suburban streets. It’s just that I’m madly, deeply, oh-so-sweetly, in LOVE with those last drowsy moments between the 10-minute snooze cycle.

“Should you hit snooze or should I?”

As you all know, it’s a scientific FACT that the 10 minutes you get in “snooze” mode, account for greater productivity throughout the day….

What?…. o.k. you’re right. It’s more like 20 minutes of snooze time, if I’m being honest.

OK FINE!! I’m a CHRONIC SNOOZER alright? I hit the snooze button NO LESS THEN 3 times.


Lo Mein, on the other hand, wakes for no one

In all honesty, I’m sure there could be worse things than having “get up earlier” on your resolution list, but Benjamin Franklin invented electricity and he was always going on about seeking out the virtues of life. In fact he was trying daily to meet his own list of self-prescribed standards, and I figure if he did it, it must be some sort of “bright” idea about higher enlightenment that he had the inside scoop on. (PUN INTENDED)

So I made a spreadsheet in typical, type A, control freak fashion, and it will help me document a 21 day experiment. I won’t subject you to the specific layout, but I will tell you that there is a place for stickers. (Yes you heard me… reward stickers.)

If it seems small, let me reassure you that this is my Everest. My smaller, albeit less life-risky Everest, but a mountain of a challenge no less. If I can do this for 21 days, it will feel like I have conquered a huge obstacle in my life.

The fact is, all bad habits are suddenly made good with a flip of the sentence. It’s goal setting at its finest people:

I don’t drink enough water:

  • 21 days to drink more water

I’m late in the morning:

  • 21 days to wake up earlier

I don’t have time to exercise:

  • 21 days to run in the morning

I spend too much money on unhealthy food:

  • 21 days to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch

I run around, frustrated and two steps behind every morning:

  • 21 days to a week-night routine

I make excuses for hitting the snooze button:

  • 21 days to get to bed earlier.

6 am wake up tomorrow? This is going to be torturous.

Feel free to follow along@ #21daygoodhabit


3 thoughts on “21 Days To Make A Good Habit Stick

  1. Question–question–or just a query. If it takes 21 days to break a habit–how long does it take to make a narrow mind? Just asking!
    Great sleeping photo. Love it.

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