reflections in a broken mirror

One day last fall I was walking along my street when I came across this lovely gem:

See a mirror? Take  a picture, Fall 2011

I picked it up and walked the broken mirror home. Why. Who knows. But it did end up sitting under my porch the entire winter, so I’m fairly certain it never had an original purpose. As my niece (pictured below) pointed out, I could break it up into pieces and put it into my garden. Very ingenious. I wish I had that kind of foresight when I was 10.

Alas, as we were packing to move last month, I realized there was no way I was moving a broken mirror….which had quite literally been someone else’ trash.. I had enough of my own junk to move at that point.

When you don’t move it, capture it.

I’m also now of the opinion that all pictures in mirrors should be broken.


5 thoughts on “reflections in a broken mirror

  1. Broken mirrors can work with any situation. Punk rock, scary movies, magic stuff, or just cool pictures. My favorite combo is punk rock magic. I’m sure there’s more examples.

  2. Mirror , mirror, under the porch
    Whose the fairest of them all?
    By golly–those that have their feet in the mirror under the porch
    because , certainly , nobody else would have them there!!!

    • And she was so willing and ready to help, so I think you make quite a good point! But I would never have thought otherwise. You should show her this post when you have a chance to, she might like to see how they turned out!

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