It Was One Of Those Days

By 9:30 this morning I had rubbed Frank’s Red Hot Sauce in my eye. Also, our pool which had been freshly cleaned and filled last weekend was now leaking all over our backyard.

(By the way, new motto for life:

a) There’s no need to make your toasted egg sandwich spicy, especially if you are still rubbing the sleep out of your eyes


b) If you think your pool looks like it is going to spring a leak, it most likely will.)




It’s not like it was surprising to receive Mike’s phone call first thing this morning which sounded a lot like swearing mixed with “The pool needs to be drained and fixed.”

I mean… you wouldn’t take a look at it and think it was new and shiny or anything. But you see, the thing with suspect pools is that the only way you can really find out if it holds water works, is to fill it with water. Since last weekend we had noticed an innocent, (let’s call it a “Damp”) area coming from one side of the pool. Until now we had been hoping it would go away with a little toxic glue…. Not the case.

Evidence of our original attempt to patch things up:

ME: You should put some more glue to the left.
MIKE: Get out of my hair while I try and fix the pool.

So by 10:30 this am the sting from the Frank’s had dissipated, but the pool issue however, unlike water, had not evaporated that quickly.

Structurally Sound? We’ve got three people on the case discussing whether or not we THINK the water will hold.

Public Service Announcement: Did you know there’s a by-law in many cities (mine being one of them) that makes it illegal to drain your pool into the sewer on the street?

I didn’t.

This is me on the phone with city help 411:

Me: “Hi. We’ve sprung a leak and we’re gonna need to drain.”

City: “That’s illegal, you can’t do that.”

Me: “Why?”

City: “City sewer by-law.”

Me: “Well I get that it’s a by-law, I’m asking why it’s a by-law.”

City: “City sewer regulation.”

Me: “Isn’t regulation technically the same thing as a by-law?”

(No answer.)

Me: “Well what do people do then, in the event that their neighbors won’t let them empty an entire pool into their backyards?”

City: “People empty it into their sinks or tubs.”

Me: “I’m sorry. You want me to put 17,000 liters of water into my house?”

City: “That’s what other people do.”

Ok, so maybe I’ve been misled, but I’ve always operated under the assumption that all drains lead to the sewer… as in the same one that’s on my street.

 (Or maybe that’s just a line that I heard once in Finding Nemo.)

In the interest of self-preservation, I’m not going to tell you how the story ends.

I’m sorry, but tough love is what Frank’s in the eye, makes me do to the world.

*a special dedcation of today’s post to the guy who spent the day, in 30 degree heat, doing the oposite of what you usually want to do with a pool full of water.*


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