Ottawa Race Weekend Playlist

I have this thing about playlists – I approach them strategically. This is serious business people – especially in the event that we’re talking about Race Day Playlists.

the race. The Glory.

Race Day Playlists are important because, after 21 km of grueling pavement, songs become forever etched in your mind in that moment. It could either be for that moment you think you will stop and can’t go on… or that moment that runner’s endorphins kick in and you end up on cloud nine.

Today when I was out for a simple, innocent run, I realized it was one week until Ottawa Race Weekend!  Sigh. It seems like only yesterday I was running in the freezing sleet and snow with 4 different layers for protection. Lately every time I run I can smell the lilacs in the air. (And that my friends, is the beauty of living and running in a country where you have four hard core seasons.)

Strategic Play List Tips

  • Around kilometer four I know I’m going to need a burst of energy.  And I always like to start off from the finish line with something epic (Teenage Wasteland was my standard go-to for a while.)
  • Biebster (As in J.Bieber) goes at the beginning when I’m still happy and up beat. (In the event that I make the gaff of placing a Bieber song too late in the list? Lord help the person who’s beside me when it comes on at KM 17.)
  • I like to know how many songs are left so I can tell myself to KICK IT.
  • This year, I’m doing the 10 km, so keep it short and keep it PUNCHY.
  • And oh yea, I only allow myself to have a list play for the duration of the time I’m aiming for.

See? this is military business. I told you. I’m not messing around here.

see? hard core.

THE 10 km Ottawa Race Weekend LIST

Midnight Rider – Allman Brothers – 3:00

Death to My Home Town – Bruce Springsteen – 3:29

Dr. Jones  – Aqua –  3:21

Baby – The Biebster 3:45

Mean – Taylor Swift – 4:04

Dog Days are Over – Florence and the Machine – 3:44

Stronger – Kelly Clarkson – 3:41

Innocent – Our Lady Peace 3:42

Sing – My Chemical Romance – 4:56

Forever – Chris Brown – 4:38

Glamorous – Fergie – 4:07

Total: 40:27

And then these two last songs will come in handy… you know.. just in case I don’t manage to finish the 10 km in 40 minutes and 7 seconds… 🙂

Something to Be Proud Of – Montgomery Gentry – 4:15

Dweller on the Threshold (LIVE VERSION- this is important because it’s a quicker tempo) – Van the Man – 3:40


3 thoughts on “Ottawa Race Weekend Playlist

  1. I thought I could hire you as my playlist manager but then I realized I would be short of music way before the end…. nevermind 😉
    Good luck with the 10k! Would have loved to be in Ottawa for Race Weekend. Did a half in Stockholm 2 weeks ago. The next one in mid-September. After that? The Polar Night half in Northern Norway (within the Arctic Circle) in January. If I remember correctly, you are in for that one, right?

    • Yes. Beam me up to the Polar Night Northern Norway Half!! I’ll run extra quick for you one kilometer this weekend… only one though.. that’s all I can handle.
      The long weekend was great!! Do you have any holidays coming up? Is summer there in full swing?! Haven’t you been to some good live music lately?

      • Yep, summer is finally here, with the sun going down at 10:00 pm and up by 4:00 am (and the days are still getting longer). Lack of time is no longer an excuse for not running 🙂
        Will be off for 3 weeks this summer. Nothing major planned, other than a few short road trips in Sweden, and maybe a music festival in Poland! Meanwhile I hope to volunteer for the Make Musik Stockholm festival on 6 June (
        I’ll be thinking about you during the race this weekend!
        Hope all is well in the burbs 😉

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