Hello Rhubarb!

I have to ask you guys something…… is Rhubarb a good name for a girl? You could call her Rue (Hunger Games anyone?) or also, Barb (after an old great aunt perhaps?).

Sometimes, [ok, mosttimes], I daydream about potential (baby) names. It doesn’t just have to be names for children either. No way! In fact, I’ve named a whole lifetime of family pets, when in reality I only have one (you remember her, she goes by Lo Mein). In the event however that I ever have a chance to expand the family roster with a dog or four more cats, I’ve been compiling a list of names.

Just try me. Bring home a dog and see what I’m capable of.

Against my better judgment, I’m going to share them with you, but you have to promise not to steal them….That happened to me once with a baby name. (And also while we’re at it, a first dance wedding song. both. stolen.)

I don’t want to talk about it.

It was a little traumatic for me.

(Just for your information by the way, I’m nowhere near having a child nor marriage.)

The Line-up of names should I ever happen to acquire said dogs/cat:

Grover (A Russian Borzoi):

“I’m part canine, part muppet”

Smeagol the Beagle:

“Where is it… my precious”


“I’m 1 part rescue, 99 parts MClovin'”


“Lo Mein, meet your maker”

Ok so where was I going with this?

Oh yes, Rhubarb.

Take a look at the Rhubarb I just acquired! A friendly visit from the best friend of life brought some rhubarb into my existance. Such a harvest. Now I have to decide what I’m going to make with it.

bowl of tart

tart fish face (fish head  included)

I’m thinking I’ll have enough for this: (Strawberry Rhubarb pie)

I will transform you

I’m sorry.. did I just jump from Rhubarb, to baby names, to pet names and back to rhubarb again?

Yep. Did that.

oh just.. just would you mind getting a picture of me with the pie? kthanks.

now one from the side.

So let me know what you think about Rhubarb… and to think… it wasn’t even on my Spring Baking Line Up

finished product


10 thoughts on “Hello Rhubarb!

  1. I L.O.V.E. rhubarb. And the combo of berries and rhubarb is just too perfect. This summer, my plan is to try new flavor combos with rhubarb too. How cool that you got some fresh and hand-delivered! 🙂

    • I know.. isn’t it the best. I think it’s the tart taste with the uber sweetness of berries 🙂 Oooh I have to dig it up but I have the BEST recipe for a rhubarb compote with buckwheat crepes… delectable!!

  2. If you were Barb the Blogger I’m sure you would Rue the day you would call any Beagol Smeagol. Just saying! Anyway, Rhubarb is a millionaire cat in a 1951 movie who just happens to own a baseball team and the classic quote is…”Lady,you know what happens at a sale’when two women get hold of the same dress? THAT’S a Rhubarb! (And he slams the phone down—for emphasis I guess! But the pies look wonderful!

  3. I’m seriously OBSESSED with names. The SSA Most Popular Baby Names list came out last week . . . it was like my Christmas. I love Smeagol the Beagle!! My husband (then boyfriend) named out beagle Amber without my permission. I wouldn’t have had anything to do with that.

    I love your blog!! Rhubarb is absolutely delish. It’s funny how some of the most delicious foods (rhubarb, beets, etc) don’t make it to the average dinner table in most homes…wonder why?

    • Maggie- I’m so glad I’m not alone in my need to keep track of names. It’s kind of a funny thing to tell people about… they don’t realize that you are just creating a “collection” of faves as opposed to, you know, using them for a purpose! ha!

      Also… Amber? Poor thing. She must be picked on at the dog park all the time 😉 (Though I’m sure she is a lovely pooch!!) Oh but wait! You have a beagle.. would you recommend them as a breed? We actually do want to get a dog and I’ve heard horror stories about them actually opening fridges to gorge themselves on food while the family is out? Crazy?!

      Thanks for the thoughtful comments! We are now officially starting the Beagle Bully Club and the Unwanted Vegetable/Fruit revival. Knowing us, we’ll probably want to blog about it 😉
      Have a great weekend!

      • Opening the fridge to gorge themselves?! Haha – Amber is smart, but that’s a bit of a stretch! I love beagles (and my beagle!) but there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re going to become a Beagle Mama: 1. don’t ever let them off their leash if you’re not in an enclosed dog park or fenced yard – they are bred to follow their noses, and will not come when called! 2. They need lots of outside time!

        Yes, they like to eat – but we’ve never had any problems with Amber. When she was younger, she’d sneak a shoe from time to time, but I think that’s to be expected with most puppies. Beagles can be really fun if you’re a really active person who loves taking them for walks and playing tug! Amber lives in a tiny apartment (and has all her life), so I’d say getting them when they are still tiny puppies (as opposed to when they’ve grown accustomed to running around a lot!) is essential!

        They certainly are cuuuutee..http://healthyurbanhearth.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/5188_593653901395_73409206_35515121_3941779_n.jpg


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