Higher Love

It’s moving weekend!!! (Finally). Is it just me or does 80’s music have a great ability to create a soundtrack for life?

To me, this is the soundtrack to this weekend:

Saying good-bye to a house,

driving a u-haul,

many trips up and down stairs,

and then finally ending with flopping onto a couch, exhausted but satisfied and surrounded by packed boxes.

We’ll probably also be eating a pizza.( Because that is what I live on during move-month.)

Oh and Lo Mein will be playing the synthesizer during the riff.
(side note: based on the way Mike is watching me listen to this song on repeat right now, I might be riding in the back of the u-haul).

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Higher Love

  1. With Stevie singing? How about getting you to ride on a skateboard tied to the back of the Uhaul?? Just kidding,just kidding! Glad that you finally made it! Cheers.

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