24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

I get really excited by the prospect of things that are open all day long.

You are never alone

When we first moved into our current place one year ago, I took the opportunity to point out that there was a 24 hour convenience store located just down the street. “Quite handy that will be” I said. Mike now has the audacity to point out how “handy” that particular 24-hour convenience store is …. Every time we pass it. Which is just about every day. (“Oooh look… that store is open 24 hours. That’s good. You know, just in Case.” )

So in the year we’ve lived in this area, we’ve never actually been to that store, but I still maintain that it’s nice to have it there. In fact, I ALMOST got dressed one night at 3 am to go and get Pepto Bismol from that store so: shut it.

Yesterday we were out driving around the new neighborhood and lo and behold I noticed a 24 hour Shopper’s drug mart, not two blocks from our new house! Joy!!! (That’s what I felt in my heart when I saw this.) It made me feel… reassured… and not alone…. That’s weird isn’t it?

Every day I wake up to 24 hour News Talk radio.

What time? Oh.. just 1310 Newstimes.

It gives me traffic (I don’t drive) and weather on the “ones” (7:11; 7:21; 7:31; 7:41… and so on and so forth.) It also provides very brief and surface level information on breaking news… in addition to weekend charity events and bus cancellations (I don’t have kids).  It’s what makes me jump out of the bed in the morning. I like that no matter what time that may be, there will always be people on the other end of that exchange, like clock-work.

I love the concept of 24 hour diners. Sometimes I try to make myself stay up late and then convince someone to go and get a poutine with me.

a recipe for really weird dreams

Not because I have just left a bar and need something to soak up stomach-booze… but just because the prospect of sitting on a sea foam green, vinyl booth seat, sipping tea and eating heavy food at 2 in the morning is quite appealing to me. In fact, I like to go to bed early, so I’ll fight the regular sleep patterns just to get these returns on life.

When it comes down to it, I think it’s comforting to me that you can always find someone going about business as usual and that the world is always turning…Kinda like a soap opera that airs everyday for 20 years straight.


3 thoughts on “24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

  1. This post reminds me of two things I really miss about Canada. I remember Shopper’s Drug as paradise (I have a mild bath products obsession!). Sure, we have Walgreens, but it tries too hard to be everything to everyone; you can buy frozen pizza there, which I think is just wrong (please tell me Shopper’s hasn’t come around to the grocery dark side).

    I am ashamed to admit that the first time I ever tried poutine was at KFC in the Toronto Eaton Centre. (What can I say, we were new to Canada.) Then I became obsessed.

    Anyway … My ramble has nothing to do with things that are open 24 hours, but thanks for the memories! 🙂

    • Ha ha I’m glad to have sparked some memories! It didn’t even occur to me that Shopper’s is a CDN special! To answer your question, I am afriad to tell you that there may be just a little bit of a grocery section these days… Though you will be glad to hear it’s nothing like the US alternative. (I do agree with you… Frozen pizza and asprin side by side is disconcerting). On the poutine admission… I just shake my head. Tut tut 😉

  2. I started to understand 24 hour fetishes when I worked in the travel business and found myself wanting to shop, relax with friends or eat after all my ‘tourists’ or visitors had gone to bed. It was great in the middle of the night cause the gang that gathered were entertainers who had finished their shows or were starting new ones for a very late crowd of contemporaries, flight crew with a layover, shift workers from hospitals and so on…Most of the world stayed awake all night but in Canada we were pretty sleepy for a long while. Of course this was in the 70’s and the spots that urged the trend in Toronto were after hour clubs and very protected from Toronto the Good.The shopping really wasn’t 24 hours like it is today…but it was a start. Oh, BTW 1310 News Ottawa I catch now too on the internet. Jenn Pritchard joined the team recently. She was in Brighton at MyFM for a good gig and very supportive to the arts…that will ring a bell with a Sparrow in the Tree Top as to why I want to support Jenn. Say hi to Jenn!

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