We Got the Keys

Just in the nick of time… the deal pulled through and we got the keys to the house!

Correction.. three days after the closing date, we got the keys to the house.

I have to admit there were times this week when I wondered if this actually was going to happen.

(It did:)

That's one pricey key

We had been back a few times, first for the negotiation,  then the inspection, and finally the appraisal, so in the end there was no single “threshold” moment as the process was a bit drawn out. There was however, a lot of pinching myself while en route with the keys for the very first time. It’s a weird feeling to think… “Wow. This is something that I own a part of. No one has to let me in, or invite me in. Or supervise me.” (Which is something you would obviously have never thought when you are renting a place).

Look at the nice message the previous owners left us:

For the record Mike, my name comes first. Just sayin.

The previous owners were essentially the first owners of the house, and it was evident that they were a bit sad to leave it behind. Definitely they were happy to be making an up-grade, but it was apparent that they were very attached to all the memories of their first family home. One of the reasons they ended up selling to us was because they said that we reminded them of themselves, nine years ago.  (Considering they were moving out with two children and a third one on the way… I’m pretty sure I side-glanced at mike in time to see him have 10 thousand heart attacks.)

There is even one of those adorable door frames with all the progressive heights of their children marked up the side of it. If anything we know we are getting a house that was filled with a lot of love before we got there.

But now, the rooms are empty and waiting for us!

Strongly considering painting the wooden mantle white

My kitchen aid mixer will unfortunately not fit under the cabinets....



After we unloaded winter coats and grocery-store-fruit-boxes full of random knick-knacks, we just walked around arguing over paint colours, whether or not we would keep the microwave, and the teenage mutant ninja turtles painting that made its way into the living room. Ahh. Domestic bliss xoxo. (For the record, I want to keep the turtles front and centre.)

Classing up the 'burbs with classic 80's entertainment

April 6, 2012

Oh EFFE.... we bought a house?

We bought a house!!!

So it’s weird leaving a home, to go to another home, that’s technically your home.

After mulling about for a bit Mike’s like… “OK let’s go home now.” Which I suppose is true.. this isn’t quite home yet… but it certainly won’t take much.

So we drove off into the beautiful Good Friday sunshine feeling lucky and blessed and stressed…… but not before doubling back to check and see if the garage door was actually closed.

Rookie home-owners, clearly.

I'm going to plant the heck out of those planter boxes. Also... those shrubs don't stand a chance.


6 thoughts on “We Got the Keys

    • What? You are saying get rid of the turtles?! Gasp!!!
      You guys will have to time your first visit so that it coincides with the paint ALREADY being done…
      Then you will have plenty of time to tackle the shrubs out front for me 😀

    • Hi Brittany! Omg gosh I have so much advice.. since everything that could go wrong, did!! Are you working with a real estate agent? That would probably help things a long quite a bit… We did a private sale which is where I think most of our problems originated. The buyers gave us a better deal though because we came without an agent (they would have had to pay commission) so Mike swears it was worth it in the end.. though I’m not convinced.
      Good luck on your sale!! I know what that feels like.. waiting for an answer. I’m sure it will all work out as it should though 🙂

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