The Perfect Storm

This week is what will go down in history as the perfect storm for a stress case. It seriously has the potential to make the national news. I present to you: The Perfect Storm

Otherwise know as:

Buying a House Without Financing (By Accident)


Potentially Losing Your Job                                                                                                                                  

And both these things happened to take place within the same 3 days. 

The federal government’s budget was released last week and this week it was a bit ambiguous as to whether or not I would still have a job.

While we were waiting to be instructed on any possible “work force adjustment,” (i.e. the meeting where they tell you if you get to stay or go) the large group of us waiting outside the board room were told on a few occasions to “keep it down” (because we were chatting nervously in a decibel louder than “indoor voices.” and nearby offices were disturbed).                                                                                                                                                                

I took the inopportune moment to respond: “What are they going to do? Fire us?!


Oh C’mon… I was nervous. Some people laugh when they should cry… I on the other hand, state the obvious. (por ejemplo: Your house is on fire. That will cost thousands of dollars; We’re waiting here outside that room like livestock. When we go into that room, we might lose our jobs.)

Luckily not too many people heard me… otherwise they might have thought twice about keeping me in the end.

Meanwhile back at the ranch:

Someone thought it was a brilliant idea to buy a house last week. (In this fiscal climate?! Pfff. Was not me. )

Oh and not only did we buy a house…. We managed to waive the conditions on the mortgage… BEFORE we had a firm commitment from the bank. Ohhh yes. This actually happened. (Willy nilly conditions (hand wave).. who needs conditions!?) So we managed to get ourselves into a crazy pickle, wherein we closed the deal on the house, BEFORE we had money to buy the house…. Just sayin’. We’re kinda crazy and we love to gamble with our futures.

It’s a rush of a lifestyle but there couldn’t possibly be any better way.


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