Out like a Lamb

On March first there was a huge snowstorm here in Ottawa. Today’s weather? Clear and mild, hardly a cloud in the sky. So the old adage, “In like a Lion and out like a lamb” just made a LOT of old wives happy.

This month has quite possibly been one of the most 360-degree-turn months I have experienced since perhaps…. puberty.

On the first day of spring we bought a house, and on top of this I accepted an offer which I figure will pretty much alter the next few years of my life … if not the rest of my life. And no, I’m not talking about marriage.

Today we spent the day driving around the town, doing as Mike said “as home owners do” : Lunch @ a chip truck in the Canadian tire parking lot, Rona for paint ideas, Petsmart (because Lo Mein refuses anything but science diet), and signing legal documents… I think I’m still playing house, but I’ll have to wake up soon and realize… this is the real deal!! Somebody pinch me!

Pictures and details about home ownership to follow… it’s gonna be riveting!!


One thought on “Out like a Lamb

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