Eat More Kale Shake

Fact: A lion’s intestinal tract is short. (In meat, out meat.) A cow’s digestive system is loooonnng. In grass, (24 hours later), out grass (seriously… they have four stomachs).

Falling somewhere in between, humans manage to keep a lot of crap in their system. Stuff we shouldn’t have in there, stuff that is too hard for us to digest, stuff that we can’t digest because our digestive systems are run down or exhausted. When the going gets tough, it helps to have a friend.

Fibre is your friend. You know this. You’ve read it on cereal boxes (so it must be true).  If you can find a way to stuff more fibre in your system than cheese, (a task which I find to be monumental most days) you should be off to the races. (and that’s colloquial for having regular… regularity)

One way to conquer this?
Eat More Kale.

Below. A recipe for system flush (which tastes way better then it sounds. Trust me).

On this Monday of Mondays, remember that you have to take care of what takes care of you.

Kale Sunrise

1 Pear

1 handful of Kale

1 inch of ginger

1/2 Cucumber

1 stalk of celery

1 handful of ice

1/2 Cup of Orange Juice

1. Prepare your ingredients. And by this I mean cut off the stems and chop into big chunks. You don’t have to get fancy with this step.

2. Put it in the Blender

3. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Eat More Kale Shake

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