The Aversion List

I have a couple trending items that always seem to pop up on my NY’s resolution list. The first one is to floss more. This is followed closely by “work out more” or something to that degree. Not too extra-ordinary.

 The past few years the new trending resolution has been a vow to make and bring my own lunch to work every day. Last year I made it 20 straight work days before I cracked under the pressure of the pre-work rush. Shortly after failing to keep my goal in sight, a colleague told me it takes 21 days to make a habit of something. So I guess I missed the mark on that one………

This year, I vowed the same thing again and I’m insistent that I can make it until at least the end of February with home-made lunches(!) The whole resolution has been going splendidly but then again I’ve only had 5 work days to make it through so….

What’s most pertinent to this discussion however, is the fact that the whole “pack a lunch exercise” has brought to light (again) one of my most prominent eccentricities: my disdain for washing out Tupperware containers.

My parents tell me I’m a bit stubborn and particular. I’m not all that convinced.

But then again when you put it into a list like this, I can see how the evidence is stacked up against me.  

The Tupperware aversion: This one dates back to the days of old… and it doesn’t necessarily just pertain to tupperware- really it could be anything that was packed into a lunch bag. It’s there and the fear is real:  I have an utter disdain for dealing with anything food wise, packed into something, after it has been stagnant for more than 5 hours. I first showed signs of not wanting to deal with old lunches in elementary school, when I hid the remains of half eaten sandwiches, or uneaten yogurts into the bottom of the garbage can in my bedroom or left I them unattended to in the bottom of my backpack. (Out of sight, out of mind right? Notsomuchoutofsmell).

What lies inside a closed tupper

This would go on until my dad routed around the room, backpack or emptied my garbage for me. It hasn’t changed much now. I still can’t stand to open a lunch/tupperware with half eaten food in it. The smell makes me gag every time. I’ve gotten a bit better in unearthing the containers from my work bag but I still leave them beside the sink at home, waiting for someone else to do my dirty work. It’s pretty sad really.  

The Voice Mail Aversion: Don’t leave me a voice mail – unless it’s super sweet and funny or something out of the ordinary… OR you can make the case that I won’t be able to get ahold of you when calling back. Otherwise, if you are going to say “hey it’s so and so calling… call me back” … just trust that I will see it on call display. It’s not that I don’t like hearing your voice, it’s just that I can’t stand listening to the voice prompts from Roger’s:

“Please enter your password” THIRTY SECOND PAUSE

“you have…….. 3 ….. new…. Messages….”

“First message from:  number eight- nine- seven-two-four-five- one- zero- one- zero,

“left on”


“February the first two thousand and twelve at one oh five”.. PAUSE…. “PM”

Just put me out of my misery. God forbid I press the wrong button and have to start over. OR lord help us if I have more than 3 messages to listen to.

Why go with this?

The Shrub Aversion: Man I hate shrubs. Like I really really do. I wish I could blame it on the summers I spent pruning and shearing other people’s shrubs (as part of my summer job as a landscaper) but again, this one is more deep seeded then that. 

No one can explain it really – I just think they are tacky and they act as a filler in the garden.

I suppose they can find their place on huge properties, but otherwise I just always think: why not use a Hosta?

When you could go with THAT?

The Drain Aversion: Food in the drain makes me gag. I refuse to pick it out. I do make a concerted effort to COMPLETELY scrape of plates before they go into the sink because otherwise… the little wet particles of food that get caught in the drain trap? (*Shudder*) I pass the job off every time. Wait – that’s not true… I can do it if I have rubber gloves on up to my elbows, I close my eyes, hold my breath and also use a paper towel to scoop it out. It’s odd though because I have no problem cleaning bathrooms, emptying the garbage or changing the kitty litter.

The Mailbox Aversion: This one is weird because I don’t get that many bills plus I LOVE getting a letter in the mail, but for whatever reason, I hate checking the mailbox.

But other than that I’m a completely composed & lovely person…. I promise.


6 thoughts on “The Aversion List

  1. I do find that when I open up a used tupperware when I get home from work the smell grosses me out. Especially if it’s salad dressing. *retch*
    I try to wash my stuff at the office if I can, or at least rinse it out.

    As for the drain aversion, perhaps you need to invest in a garbage disposal?

    • Samantha! The idea of washing out at work is brilliant – except for the fact that our office has NO kitchen… it’s completely ridiculous.. so I’m faced with either a) bathroom tupperware … (blech!) or room-temperature salad dressing and spinach (and you are completely right, salads are the WORST). I should picket for the right to a kitchen sink ; )
      Thanks for reading – and way to go @ Disney!! Very very cool 🙂

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