The 50 Millionth Tourist in NYC

Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently announced that New York City will reach 50.2 million visitors by the end of 2011, achieving the goal of attracting 50 million visitors by 2012 one full year ahead of schedule.

Earlier this month I got to tour NYC for the very first time, which makes me the 49,990,823 visitor….. or thereabouts.

On this occasion I confirmed for myself, what so many of the 49,990,822 people before me have discovered: It’s a  city of life and inspiration; business and devotion to competition; love and romantic nooks; fashion for those who crave it; high class lifestyle for those who feel they can relish in it; working class for those who walked into it and more recently,  a social movement for those who are tired and fed up with the rest of it.

It’s busy, congested and slightly claustrophobic, but somehow, (for reasons which reside in between the gray areas of all that is blatantly clear), a long time ago I ❤ NY became the catch phrase and it stuck.

A Weekend in the City at Christmas – What could I possibly say about NYC that hasn’t already been said – Generally speaking I mean?


4 thoughts on “The 50 Millionth Tourist in NYC

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