The Non-Christmas Card

Who wants to be reminded of spring training, when you are surrounded by Christmas buffets, plates of dessert and copious amounts of mulled wine and Gin Humbugs?

Surely not me. But this is precisely what happened. I had just settled down for a long winter’s nap, when this arrived in the mail:


(A reminder card for this upcoming spring’s ½ marathon race)

A new company is sponsoring the Race Weekend in Ottawa this year and I’m led to believe that they sprung for the Cadillac PR package which included individual and personalized post-card reminders to sign up early, or “risk losing a spot at the starting line.” So basically, it just got personal, whilst I was relishing the couch in my flannel Christmas pants.

I miss the old company who just sent an email reminder at the end of January.

I’ve never been a “winter outdoorsy type”, which is unfortunate considering Ottawa becomes a frigid tundra by January 15. I would say the latest date you generally see me running outside would be November 10. This year was no exception. Typically I finish up my running season when the Christmas lights come on and it’s dark by the time I leave work. From there I take a good gluttonous month and a half off, until New Year’s slaps me in the face, at which point I slowly and painfully head to a gym.

As far as winter work-outs go, they don’t get any worse than pounding a treadmill for 3 months straight. Not only is running inside dull, boring and hard to book during “peak hours”, these types of work outs do nothing for me physically.  Unless I’m literally balls to the walls givin’ er, which I always feel is totally overdoing it when the person next to you is reading a magazine on the stepper. (This is NOT to say that I couldn’t benefit from the weights… but that’s a whole different ball game considering I think 5 lbs is pushing it… a little sad I know).

So I did something I have always, always been opposed to in the past. Gasp. I bought fancy running clothes. They are like warm-wicked-breathable-condensation- build- up- resistant- to –Minus 18-type running clothes. I have just always figured that running was great because it didn’t need any bells and whistles equipment (if you are running outdoors that is) and so I have adamantly opposed buying ridiculously over-priced form fitting lycra gear that I’m just going to sweat in. Well, I’ll eat my breathable socks! because this stuff really does motivate the winter-averse. I akin it to a winter weather armor shield, which is why I suppose, Under Armour was such a catchy way to market a sporting apparel company.  But I digress, all this to say… I find I’m developing a flicker of excitement to lace up. I hope I can ride this wave through till April.

Ok Tamarack Homes Ottawa Race Weekend , give your PR firm a Christmas bonus. They managed to tap into the deep seeded corners of my guilty conscience… I don’t know how they succeeded but this girl just got her “indoor only” running shoes a little bit dirty.  

If you are a veteran winter runner, I’d love to hear how and why you stay so motivated!


7 thoughts on “The Non-Christmas Card

      • Yes, apparently you definitely need spikes for this run! It’s interesting because I have always run in the winter in Ottawa and never felt I needed spikes. I guess the city is doing a pretty good jobs at clearing the bike paths.
        Also, if you are looking for some motivation, I suggest you join a group at the Running Room. You don’t have to join a clinic. You just show up on Sunday morning at any store at 8:30 and pick a group that has the right distance and a good pace for you. Even though most people run with music and you don’t have to talk, you quickly become part of a group and feel a committment to show up every week. And if you want to keep up with your group, you have no option but to run during the week too. This is certainly something I miss in Stockholm. Good luck!

  1. Winter is definitely a hard time to stay motivated to run and the treadmill is never any fun for me either. Honestly, I just try not to think about the cold run I have planned for the next day . I have my workouts scheduled and I can not talk myself out of them. =) And I keep the thought of the delicious food I’m going to eat afterward in the back of my mind as a reward for when I’m done. Exactly how cold does it get there?

    I hope you enjoy your new running gear!
    Happy Holidays and Happy Running!

    • Yes it sounds so blatantly obvious, but you are right, I think if you are actually running a training program its easier to stay on track… usually I’m just doing maintenance training in the winter so it’s easy to say… meh, to cold today! If I do have a schedule, I tend to feel more or less dictated by it. Maybe I should sit down and fix myself one for Jan!!

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