Labour of Love or Putting a Tree in Your Living Room

It’s my first year in this house and my first shared Christmas with Sloop John B. Many firsts. Also, it’s my first time picking out and erecting a real live Christmas tree. I’ve watched my parents put up a real tree my entire 27 years. Yeah… turns out, it’s not easy… figured that one out the hard way. I’ve been kinda obsessed with the idea of putting up a tree in this house since we toured it to rent last January. That left me a good, full 11 months of dreaming of sugar plums, garland and “The Tree”.

I was lucky to have the best friend in the whole world and the best friend’s best guy come up for a visit this weekend. Thank-goodness for many hands (and moral support). We trucked out to a tree farm for the perfect pick … spent time deliberating and narrowing down the options. Sounds like a Christmas Tree romance right?

Well, we came back with what must be the most crooked tree we could have found at the farm. I have no clue how we didn’t notice that in the field – When we finally got the tree home and into the stand, all four of us just looked at each other, dumbfounded. We were staring at what looked like a massive bush, leaning at a dangerously 35 degree angle, which I had voluntarily brought into my living room. This is where the moral support came in handy.

After jostling and propping it with a stack of books, I came around to the idea that, it wasn’t the tree, it was the experience. Ha! Try and say that with a straight face to the guests you have invited up for a nice little get-away weekend, only to have them spend the day elbow deep in pine needles. Well in fact this is exactly what I said when we finally sat down to dinner, hours later. And you won’t believe me when I tell you this, but as soon as these very words left my mouth and we clinked our glasses together in a “cheers”, the tree toppled over in the next room. Good lord, as a tree, you aren’t given much more poetic justice then that!

So here’s to the starting of traditions, and beginning of a life long struggle of “putting up the tree” and a real tree at that, because it wouldn’t be Christmas without it!


Will bake for comments!

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