One Order of House Special Please

I’ve been at this for a few months now and I wanted to introduce you to the pesk that causes my typos while I’m working away at Sparrow in the Tree Top on my computer. This post is about my cat Lo Mein.

No, she is not named intentionally as a crass commentary on globalized stereotypes.

Although, (rather unfortunately for us), Sloop John B and I realized this after the name had stuck. It only really dawned on us when everyone was like, “So Lo Mein eh… like you are saying she’s Chinese food?” (Poetic justice would have been a visit to an unknown vet in town who turned out to be Chinese.) actually yes….. one does see how that would make sense… but that wasn’t the first thing we thought of when we named her.

Lo Mein the Cat

But that’s not entirely true either.
The story of Lo Mein started at a shelter, as so many stories of unwanted lovely cats do. She was going stir crazy in a metal cage. I mean literally, she was turning in circles. Despite her disposition, she was too beautiful to pass up. So, because the shelter was closing for the weekend, (and they couldn’t positively let us leave without doing a thorough and formal review of our pet-ownership backgrounds) we put a non-refundable deposit on her and were told to come back to pick her up on Monday. Have you ever bought a cat on Lay-away before?

We returned on Monday, (finished the paperwork in about 5 minutes) and headed home with cat in tow. OH, and on the way we stopped for chinese food. Sloop John B has sort of an obsession with the dish General Tao, so we got an order at Spring Roll King and were on our way.

Regular Morning Routine

Lo Mein, who was then still “Lena” paced around the apartment for approximately two minutes before plopping herself down comfortably between us on the couch. We ate our dinner with an oddly relaxed animal sitting between us. Sloop was kind enough to share some of his General Tao with me, and due to his obsession with the food, insisted we name Lena, General Tao. I absolutely refused…… obviously, it’s a girl. I’m sorry…. Drawing the gender line there!

And so we settled on my dish, which was conveniently, the House Special; Lo Mein. Because, she is after all, House Special.

Moral(s) of the story:
Get to the animal shelter well before closing time;
and think of the double entredres a little bit before you get stuck on a name.

ALSO: For more information on adopting animals check out your nearest Animal Shelter or Humane Society!


8 thoughts on “One Order of House Special Please

  1. Beautiful baby with an awesome name! I keep trying to name my cats creatively, and then they end up with fairly normal names after much trial and error. Maybe the next kitten…

  2. Thanks Ladies Lo Mein says meow!
    Anna, every dog my family ever had growing up always seemed to end up with a typical name … it was just what seemed to stick…. We actually even variated from “Beth” to “Bess” haha. Thanks for visiting : )

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