Training for a ½ Marathon in ½ the Recommended Training Time

Ah yes, it’s that time of year. Well actually, its past that time of year. It’s time to get in shape for the up-and-coming Spring ½ Marathon! (*sarcastic enthusiasm*)

I love a good pun when I'm about to set off on a 21 KM jaunt.

As per many things in my life, I’m leaving it until the last-minute to get ready. Am I intimidated? Am I worried I won’t be ready in time? The answer is YES – but it won’t stop me from doing it. (The main reason for this being the fact that I anticipated the great likelihood that I would be in this exact tardy position. So I paid my fees extra early, hence now, not wanting to back out!) In fairness there really were PLENTY of reasons I couldn’t start sooner (too cold out, too dark after work, too tired after work, too many other fabulous events to attend). So you see, it has been justified. There actually hasn’t been a better time to start the locomotive running train until now! Excellent.

THE PLAN: Start on week 10 of the “To Complete a Half Marathon” Running Room Training Program. I’ll also be adding a few characteristics of my own. The plan recommends taking Friday and Monday as rest days. Had I started when they recommended (i.e mid-February) this would have made sense. However, I’m going to need to get a few extra KM logged on these stems before week 16 rolls around. As a result, I’ll be able to test what the effect of fewer rest days in the last quarter of the training program will do to me.

DISCLAIMER: I have run two previous “halfs” so I have some idea of what pain, and what gain to expect. However I’ll caveat this with the fact that these races both took place in 2009. I would wager that mentally, I’m still far from where I should be in terms of understanding how much this is going to hurt. It’s like forgetting truly about the pain of childbirth – you remember that it was really really bad at the time, but you can’t quite put yourself back there now. (Or so I’m told).

THE GOAL: The time to beat is 1:39, running this course (pictured below). This site on Goal Setting for Sports Performance tells me that if I set goals appropriately I will find that I can gain access to feelings of “satisfaction, confidence and calm.” The flip side is that apparently “inappropriate goals” can be a source of anxiety or stress. Go me.

Look for me on KM 12 - that's when I'll need the moral support!

CONFOUNDING FACTORS: The ever present procrastination. Also I don’t want to give up the kick-boxing (@Therien Jui-Jitsu & Kickboxing) so it will be interesting to see if I can juggle both.

EXCITING THINGS TO WATCH FOR: In both 1/2 marathons I have run, I have puked in the final KM of the race. Proof? My running shoes from the last race are still stained from the Gatorade I drank throughout the 21 KM.

Runners in the Ottawa Race Weekend Running Past Parliament



Will bake for comments!

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